• It is characterized by a buckle instead of hand-tied with iron strapping strapping, to prevent the use or transportation staff is metallic iron buckle scratches. It also saves packaging costs. Now become a widely used carton packaging equipment. Degree of automation of the equipment into semi-automatic and fully automatic, semi-automatic strapping need to manually insert, automatic does not. Binder called packer, is the use of banding winding the product or packaging, and then tighten both ends by melting or thermal effects and other materials connected with covered buttons of the machine. The function is to make the plastic strapping band can be bundled in the package close to the surface, to ensure that packages in transport, storage is not due to binding is not strong and scattered, while also bundling tidy. Dongtai quick packer with positioning accuracy, thermal bonding solid, long service life characteristics of the machine. Automatic strapping machine strapping products have reached a continuous, reliable, snapping the plastic bag with the surface, the joint firm, the machine electrical safety, noise, smoke and other work does not affect the health of operators.