• Two-ram balers provide the most efficient and versatile means for high-volume processing of multiple materials.  Dozens of models offer the capability to process a wide range of cardboard, paper, plastics, cans, non-ferrous, solid waste and other materials.

    Small footprint

    Looking for the versatility and automation of a two-ram baler at an affordable price?  Smaller models are available for operations that don’t require high processing rates, but still need to automatically process multiple products into dense, stackable, high quality bales.

    Narrow Box

    Narrow box balers are multi-purpose automated two-ram balers with all the features of larger machines.  Narrow box models offer charge openings up to 85″x42″ and processing rates over 30 tons per hour.  High-quality components and advanced design are packaged with user-friendly features such as the Combo-door, Smart-knife shear blades, abrasion resistant wear surfaces and state-of-the-art OIT controls.

    Wide Box

    Wide box balers are designed for high-volume material processing with easy operation and simple maintenance.  Models with large feed openings have been the workhorse of two-ram baler design for decades.  The latest technologies have been incorporated into improvements in structural design, hydraulics, controls and features.  Maximum compaction densities provide ultra-dense bales for maximized payload.

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