• 1.2000 the State Council issued the National Ecological Environment Protection Outline “clearly prohibit straw burning.

    February 28, 2.2005 the People s Republic of China Renewable Energy Law by the NPC Standing Committee 14th meeting of the tenth sector, considered by President Hu Jintao signed Presidential Decree No. 33 to be published since January 1, 2006 The formal implementation. The regulations emphasized: The State shall encourage the efficient development and utilization and development of clean combustion technology of biomass and energy crops. Use of biological resources in the production of gas and heat, in line with the city gas pipeline network, the heat pipe network, network technical standards, operating gas pipeline networks and heat pipeline network, the enterprise should receive its network. The State encourages the production and use of biological liquid fuel. And promote the development of gasifier technology.

    September 15, 3.2005, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Office jointly organized the “renewable energy and long-term development planning experts will” plan, “” increasing financial investment, the implementation of tax incentives “as renewable energy development and utilization of a principle is finalized. Adjust and improve renewable energy VAT policy: tax adjustments and improve the corporate income tax policy for renewable energy: Adjust and improve the renewable energy equipment imports tariff policy: to increase renewable energy research and development policy support: to improve the state s financial renewable energy subsidy policy.
    November 12, 2006, the Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Agriculture, State Administration of Taxation, the State Forestry Administration and other five ministries jointly issued the Implementation Opinions on the development of bio-energy and bio-chemical and taxation support policies.

    April 4.2007, the National Development and Reform Commission announced a bio-industry development “11th Five-Year Plan” states: “to develop bio-energy and bio-based materials, and accelerate the bio-manufacturing technology widely used in the high consumption and high polluting industries, not only help reduce our dependence on oil, coal and other non-renewable energy, but also conducive to the promotion of clean production, reduce pollutant emissions, is taking a new road to industrialization, an important guarantee of sustainable development. “

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