• Most Baler patrons (at least those that I know of) suggest that the bus is the best way to go to Baler. Not only does it make the travel hassle-free, it is also a lot safer.

    Hassle-free because all you’ll need to do is drop yourselves off to the bus station and if you’re lucky, get a trip via *Joybus, also the tiring 5-7hr drive will take a toll on the designated driver, making it hard to enjoy the getaway. Also, apparently. it is better to those who will be bringing their own surfboards.

    Safer because the road is not for road trippers, especially less experienced drivers. There are zigzag paths, wherein even in a bus, it could be scary. What more if the driver is not used to the path.

    Joybus ticket to Baler, Aurora. Purchased before the price hike.

    And because we weren’t so lucky on the way back to Metro Manila, we weren’t able to catch a Joybus. Apparently, you can only book departure tickets in advance, which is possibly the only con we’ve encountered transpo-wise. The tickets from Baler-Manila, you have to purchase from the Baler Genesis office, which is like this nipa house at the back of the bus parking lot. It’s purely on a first-come first-serve basis, so if it’s a peak season, better secure those return tickets as soon as you get to Baler.

    In our case, since our plan was for a 2D1N stay only, we got beaten in the Joybus ticket slots by those who planned for a 3D2N stay, who arrived on a Friday, and purchased their return tickets on the same day. Heck, we couldn’t even get return tickets for a regular bus on our preferred time (which brings us on why the the title is as it is; to be written later).

    As for the price hike, it conveniently occurred during the day we departed. Here are the bus ticket prices for your reference.

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