• As labor costs increasing makes many industries turns to mechanized operation, even the waste collection industry is no exception. It is understood that in the waste industry in the acquisition of hydraulic vertical cardboard baler has become a necessity for work, being a good helper of packing press.

    The reason why the hydraulic vertical cardboard baler would be loved by waste collection industry are the following characteristics:

    1. Hydraulic vertical cardboard baler is with small size, light weight, small inertia, low noise, smooth motion, flexible operation, etc.
    2. The integration of hydraulic vertical cardboard baler using electro hydraulic control, easy to use, can work in any position to stop, run, easy to implement overload protection.
    3. Vertical cardboard baler apply to a wide range,  can be a auxiliary equipment of waste paper packing as well as  similar products packaging and compaction functions.

    Hasswell range of  vertical balers covers almost all demands for waste handling. Designed with safety and simplicity of use in mind, our machines are built for maximum efficiency, low noise operation and low levels of maintenance to ensure minimum disruption to your working environment.

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