• Bucket Solutions, which is based at Wheat Ridge, Colorado, designs, engineers and manufacturers its own unique line of clamp-on bucket forks, tractor forks and other tractor bucket accessories for the farmers, landscapers and contractor.
    The products include bucket forks, multi-spear hay, debris and silage fork, pallet forks and a universal quick-attach post and tree puller.

    Bucket Solutions’ Multi Spear Ultra Fork can be fitted with up to 13 quick-attach spears. Visit us at bucketsolutions.com.

    The company’s Multi Spear Ultra Fork has up to 13 replaceable quick-attach spears with a lifting capacity of 700kg, while the Post Puller lets tractor users pull up trees and posts up to six inches in diameter. The Post Puller consists of two hinged steel blades with six grabbing edges and works entirely by gravity – no chains or hydraulics needed.

    “The Ultra Fork works great for picking up hay bales, manure, debris, shrubs, silage, trash and pallets,” Bucket Solutions founder Ted McSherry said. “It’s nice to have one product that can do so many things.

    “We continually update, design, engineer and build new patent pending products every year and will be offering them for sale worldwide.”

    All the products are attached using an exclusive Swivel C-Clamp Pad that won’t harm your loader bucket and creates a more secure fit. The heavy-duty pallet forks are 130cm long and made to lift 2,250kg.balers

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