• Are you looking for a company that provides high quality shredding and baling machines? Would you like to be able to choose from a wide range of various baling machines? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place, Waste Handling Solutions has over 60 years experience designing and building baling machines, with one aim, to build with quality. Our knowledge of baling machines is unrivalled and so is the service we provide, as we believe quality products and service are the key factors to our company’s success.

    All of our baling machines dispose of packaging waste in an economic manner, by compacting your piles of waste by up to 95% and churns out bales that can be used as a secondary raw material in the recycling chain. As we are the UK’s sole distributor of the Sacria and Zugil brands, we can supply baling machines that produce from 50kg to 1000kg bales.

    Our shredders and baling machines are designed and manufactured to the highest standards under a quality control system, to ensure you receive a quality product that will stand the test of time. WHS Ltd provides a 2 year warranty for all baling machines, so should the worst happen you will be covered for both parts and labour. Our network of highly trained engineers also means rapid response to all breakdowns.

    Our range of baling machines consists of Vertical Balers that can cope with up to 10 tonnes per week, Horizontal Balers dealing with 10 to 20 tonnes per week and Fully Automatic Balers where +20 tonnes per week is produced. These baling machines come in a variety of models, all of which are listed for your convenience on our website with full details of their features and benefits.

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