• The operator should know the working principles and the operation means of shearing machine.
    Before starting shearing machine, check whether the screw of machine is loose or not, and whether the shift knob and pull rod work well or not. Add lubricant to shearing machine regularly.
    Fix feeding positioning device according to the cutting size requirements.
    Disengage the clutch before starting up. No launching motor with load.
    When shearing machine operate steadily, send plate to appropriate place and control the switch with pedals.
    Be careful of the safety of your hands when feeding plate. No people behind shearing machine to connect material.
    It is strictly forbidden to shear two kinds of material in the same shearing machine.
    When using shearing machine, notice the material and specifications of cutting plate. Do not shear  those materials with super length and width, materials of chilled steel parts and cast iron parts.
    After finishing the work, switch off the electricity of shearing machine and clean shearing machine and its surroundings.

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