• It’s here at last – the world’s first commercial non-stop round baler/wrapper. Designed and built by Krone, the Ultima promises to almost double the output of round baling.

    The challenge of producing a non-stop round baler has occupied the minds of designers for more than few years but, until now at least, there has not been a successful version that has made it commercially.

    Krone, which admits to trying out a system in the 1980s, points out that there are fundamentally two problems to overcome – one is what to do with the incoming crop while the completed bale is being net wrapped and ejected. The other is how to ensure the density of the bale is maintained when the accumulated crop is released into the empty chamber.

    Density is the problem

    According to Krone’s Ingo Schoppe, who has been closely involved with the Ultima’s development, it is the density that has posed the biggest problem.

    “We had to find a way of accumulating the crop outside the chamber and ensuring that when it was fed into it, it wasn’t just a loose pile that would be difficult for the chamber to produce a bale with suitable density,” he says.

    The solution has been to create a pre-compression chamber which is fed and filled by the front rotor and comprises a top and bottom belt - the tapering gap between them creating the chamber.

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