• Why do people open up a business garage? They may want to help those in their community with their automobile related services, but in the end you open a business with one main objective in mind and that is to make money. Ensuring that the business has the right Garage Equipment can save time and as we all know time is money. The right equipment needed in a garage depends on the intent of the business. If the business is going to specialize in one particular niche of the automobile repair industry, like transmissions for instance; then the majority of the equipment needed will be those necessary for that particular niche.

    Just about any type of auto garage can benefit from Automotive Tools. These Car Diagnostic Tools raise the auto up into the air so that the mechanics can make the repairs quickly and effectively. Air compressors come in pretty handy as well. Battery chargers are a nice piece of equipment to have as well. If the garage is going to do a lot of muffler and exhaust repair and installation then welding equipment is a must. Plasma metal cutters are great for cutting off broken parts and the parts washer is convenient for cleaning various parts so that they can be better observed for troubleshooting purposes.

    If the garage is going to provide radiator work then a cooling system flushing unit can be of great service. For repairs on older vehicle models the carburetor cleaner can be of assistance and of course huge mobile tool cabinets are great for storing a variety of tools. The AC service machine is good if the garage is going to provide air conditioning repair options. Air tools are nice for blowing debris off the engine and various auto parts. Alignment machines are a must if tires are going to be properly aligned. Air jacks are good to have around when you want to lift a vehicle up quickly to change a tire.

    A garage that does transmission work will need transmission jacks and transmission stands. Wheel dollies help with tires and for the garage that works on ATV’s and motorcycles a lift produced just for that purpose is essential. The shop press is a good piece of equipment to have depending on the type of repairs provided. If engines are going to be lifted out of automobiles then an auto shop crane should be on the equipment list.

    If tire changing is on the repair list then tire changers and wheel balancers are the right tools for the job. A garage that does extensive brake work would need a brake lathe. Other pieces of equipment to think about are tube benders, jump starters, and smoke machine leak detectors. Engine stands, work benches and anti freeze recyclers may be needed as well. Having the right Garage Equipment in place to get the job done fast and efficient will allow the garage to complete more jobs and place more money on the bottom line.