• With the ability to sideshift, clamp, rotate and tilt a tyre forward and backward, the latest version of the Cascade’s Tyre Handler is designed to make quick work of changing large OTR tyres commonly used in the mining industry. The Cascade Tyre Handler is designed to handle large tyres weighing up to 16 tons and measuring 4 metres in diameter.

    Developed with the operator in mind, the Cascade Tyre Handler features automatic fall back arms pioneered as an option on all tyre handler models. These fall back arms prevent the tyre from falling onto the tyre fitter while they’re changing the tyre inside the so-called “crush zone”. According to the company, this important safety feature is where Cascade stands out from the competition. Another important safety feature of the Tyre Handler is an over-pressure valve, which will relieve excess clamp pressure if the tyre is inflated while clamped in the attachment.

    The Cascade Tyre Handler can come equipped with a fully programmable single joy-stick system that can be used to operate all functions of the attachment. Quick-release pads allow the operator to efficiently change the contact pads specifically designed for handling tires, chain covered tires, or the rim only. The specialty chain pad protects the hard-forged links on tyre chains used in mines.

    Furthermore Cascade-designed hydraulic valve features flow dividers for the clamp arms and pad rotation and allows easy access to cartridges and test points. Steel tubes run from the valve to clamp cylinders to avoid accidental tyre unclamping due to a ruptured hose. In addition arm slide bearings do not require lubrication and designed with a service life of over 10,000 hours. Bearings are shimmed, which allows simple adjustment of arm clearances