• With Winter over and Spring just around the corner, it’s time to lose the thick Winter jackets, jumpers and coats and get ready for this season’s parties with some light and bright new fashions.

    To really get into the new spring feel, bright colours, soft fabrics and floral prints are a girl’s best friend.Fashions and Cheap Mini Sultry Devil Bustier Costumes are constantly changing and may differ from country to country, depending on various factors including age, geography, and climate. For cool, comfortable evening wear the trend is vivid blues, greens, yellows and reds. Light, cheerful colours really capture the mood. Vital for that Spring feel are light fabric party dresses, and all across the high-street this is what the trend is changing towards. To look and feel your best at any Spring party, long flowing fabrics are the perfect choice.

    A great way of showing your bright, inner-self in this Spring’s party dresses are floral prints. These are huge right now, and great for changing the mindset from cold Winter to happy, sunny Spring. Big personalities should look for total flower prints, twinned with flower-theme accessories. For a cuter, quieter look, a single flower image is ideal. Everything from all over flower print drapes to soft, simple hints of flower will fit the season, and the style,Find Cheap Debonaire Buccaneer Pirate Maiden Sleeved Costumes in a variety of trendsetting designer styles in this collection. perfectly.

    Incredibly popular this season are party dresses that hold a little back. Open and revealing are out, and cool classy necklines have taken their place. Both modest and flattering, choosing a dress with a casual neckline allows a cute yet instant appeal. For more formal Spring parties, shirtdresses are the ideal look, and should be buttoned up to the top for an ultimate indie style. Choosing to hold back makes sure that, while everyone is looking your way, a little is left to the imagination.

    If you’re one of those girls who loves to make an impact, long flowing party dresses in one bold colour add serious style to your Spring outfit. Whether it goes down to your ankles, your knees or is even a minidress,Shop Prom Girl for cute Supergirl Costumes for sale, tutu flower girl dresses, and little girl party wear. choosing to go with one primary colour adds a fun, vibrant feel. No matter what style of dress you go for, going for one big, bold colour will make sure all eyes are on you when you enter the party.

    If you’re looking for a less bold look, the focus is on white, beige and pink lace party dresses. Little embellishments like bows and ribbons can give your dress a subtle impact. Lace is perfect for cool evening wear, as well as chiffon and silk. Pick any of these fabrics and they will ensure you stay cool and confident in your Spring party dress.

    Finally, a few quick tips.Cheap Goddess of Twilight Vampire Costumes for ladies. We dedicate to offer fancy products for all women so that all you need to focus on is to be fancy ladies. For something a bit different, try a softer shade of a primary colour, like green. Polka dot is still all the rage. For that instant beach party look, try any bright floral wrap or strapless lace dress.

    Whatever you go for, make sure to remember bold colours, floral prints, soft flowing fabrics and gentle necklines. With these in mind,Get the latest Cheap Three Piece Magic Spell Witch Costumes, outfit ideas, and clothing care advice to fit your budget and your lifestyle. you can’t fail to capture that cool, colourful and captivating Spring essence.

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    If you have any doubt which vogue states all that you slip on,Shop online for the latest in womens occasion wear, accessories & Cheap Hot Maid Costumes With Green Hat. stock using to be seen in your marriage, you need to take critique your main parents’ plus grandparents’ wedding ceremony rrmages. Discover the frill-front tees to the men? Just how do i like little sun dresses blouse combined with knee-high your footwear your main parents made famous? Your granny could have kept on the girl basket concerning silky smooth blooms .Discover perfect Plus Size Lingerie for sale. The Wedding Shoppe has Flower Girl Dresses that will create the ideal wedding… believe, possibly not employing real flowers with respect to an enormously wedding day. Correctly, just as with wedding costumes, preparing accents really are model issues that vanish down into or of global popularity based on the whims involved with wedding gown throughout the world.

    Also .Prom Dresses City offers special occasion dresses, prom dresses, homecoming dresses at discount prices! Browse 2013 cheap prom dress collection now!Cheap Playful Seductive Maid Outfit that your chosen bride-to-be’s most prominent element big may be the wedding dress. But in order to use the ultimate, most complete look, everything is inside the particulars: the most perfect brida jewelry set participate in an important factor part inside the special day peek.What a lovely Teddies Lingerie for sale she’ll make in one of these beautiful dresses. An actual bride-to-be would like his or her fashion accessories as being most appropriate and genuinely call attention to your ex at present attractive costume.

    If you are seeking with regards to pendant or earring kits, there are various products on the market to make your wedding day reception check and currently, it is advisable to look no further. Quite a few unique diamond necklace and therefore earring places include the scalloped ring and then earring set (which unfortunately come with together eliminate not to mention true stud earring forms), beyond the minuscule bib earring and also necklace around your neck collection. The other completely new, fashionable layout out there would be the spectacular pellet and then very minuscule bib jewelry set, which combines an excellent mix off standard gravel as well as stunning jewels.Your wedding day definitely will work vital ceremony can ever have, consider try all of the inspiring look and feel? Usually there are some prefer necklace and also earrings pieces which happen to be truthful head-tuners.The latest womens and ladies fashion including cheap Cheap Seduce Suck Your Blood Lingerie Costumes and womens clothes all at great prices. Featuring a detailed twists and additionally plays, the ultimate looking for some bride-to-be could possibly be the gem flowery put, or just to get more detail of the flowery flair, you could most definitely love often the and therefore globule blooming place.

    Read more measurements to enhance a marriage wedding dress having a straight down neck, an attractive set is a precious stone a single fall place, that happen to be ordered in clean or possibly magical. The exact the neck and throat proportions basically options during for 15 inches long which has a A couple of half inch grip. All of the pearl earrings are generally 12mm prolonged also 8mm millimeter varied. Fashionable most liked, these tahitian along with ravenscroft technique fixed enhances mostly any design and style and features an important gem sequence accented by using pearl jewelry in a very lariat layout is associated with 2x strip complementing linear ear-rings from gem together with pearl. The sterling silver plated pearl pendant necklace processes Of sixteen inches long employing a About three in footing, plus the diamond earrings gauge 4mm.

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  • The needle on your car’s temperature gauge moves into the red area ad you’re in crawling traffic: here’s what to do.

    If the air conditioning is on, turn it off. Shift to Neutral and speed up the engine by pressing the accelerator: this drives more air past the fan and increases coolant circulation.

    Don’t pull over and turn off the engine; it will over. Do stay well behind the car ahead to avoid the heat of its exhaust. If possible, get off on a side road where you can move faster. If all else fails, turn on the heater: it pulls heat away from the engine.

    When you do stop, raise the hood and let the engine cool before looking for the source of the problem. Check for a leaking he or a faulty drive belt. Look for leaves and bugs clogging the radiator or air-conditioner condenser. Clean away the debris with a brush and, if necessary, detergent and water.

    Make sure the radiator cap is cool, and remove it. Check the antifreeze level (antifreeze raises the coolant boiling point). Fill the radiator and overflow reservoir with a mixture of half antifreeze, half water.

    Check the antifreeze concentration with a hydrometer, an inexpensive instrument sold in auto supply stores. The concentration should be between 50 and 70 percent. If not, drain the radiator and add antifreeze. If none of these measures corrects the problem, have a mechanic check the cooling-system thermostat, the radiator cap, the fan, and on cars with electric fans, the fan switch. If overheating occurs when the car is running at highway speed, have the radiator checked for clogging.


  • In order to have the most special moment while holding wedding party,Find celebrity and trendy Cheap Vibrant Christmas Girl, Evening Dresses, Homecoming and cocktail. We have the largest and most updated dresses in our warehouse. most couples believe that there are a lot of things that should be prepared before a wedding party. All brides-to-be may believe that having a beautiful and attractive appearance must be the best support for them to make their wedding party special and impressive. When talking about the appearance in the wedding party, a suit of attractive inexpensive wedding dresShop for Cheap Black Stong Policeman Costumes, plus size costumes, and more costumes for women.ses must be the best choice for couples.

    Different from a man,Search thousands of this season’s Cheap Strapless Flower Print Bandeau Top to find the perfect one for your big night! a woman usually wants to choose the most suitable one among all kinds of weeding dresses types to wear in her wedding party. Here are some main types of wedding dresses for brides-to-be to wear in the most special day.

    Ball gown: the wedding dress with such design is suitable for all kinds of bodies, especially for the slim one. To look luxurious and stunning like a princess in your wedding party, the ball gown wedding dress is certainly the first option for you.The professional bridal shop supplies the best dresses which including wedding dresses.Japan Korea lingerie for sale If you are a little bit plump, don’t worry about it, because a suit of fitful corset will help you to solve all problems, and the combination of corset and wedding dress must show your curve to perfection. Inexpensive prom dresses with such design are also being loved by young girls by the way.

    Mermaid: if you are tall and slim, why not try this type of wedding dress? The wedding dress with such design must be the best option to show your attraction and advantages into perfection! Why? Such kind of wedding dress fits in your body from chest to knee, and then flares until the bottom of your foot.

    Short winter wedding dresses: such kind of wedding dress is designed for ladies who would like to hold wedding party in a romantic winter, so that the brides could keep elegant and warm at the same time with it. If you want to have the most special and impressive wedding in your whole life,This elegant selection of Cheap Christmas Virginal Costumes will have you looking stunning for the big day! remember to choose a suitable wedding dress for yourself.

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    Looking for a stylish way to express eco-conscious values at your wedding? For those of us who are green at heart, the creative minds at Night Owl Paper Goods offer the “Wood Wedding Collection.” These unique wedding invitations are inspired by nature, and custom printed on eco-friendly wood. You’ll feel good about sending these adorable invites to friends and family knowing they are derived from sustainably harvested birch.Find cute, adorable Leg Wear Stockings for sale and add the perfect touch to your wedding! For me, the designs feel retro and modern at the same time. Here are a few of my favorites…

    I love the subtle style of both the Rosette (shown [L] in Scarlet) and the Zinnia (shown [R] in Lavendar). The unique color choices and designs make these invites stand out from the traditional crowd.Cheap Charming Purple Costumes has the best casual and formal Men’s fashion jeans, and accessories. Complement your invite style by adding save-the-dates,Get the latest Cheap Naughty Christmas Funny Costumes With Belt and men’s clothing.We’re the first choice for affordable women’s clothing! reply cards and place cards in the same pattern.

    The Treetops save-the-date card (above) has a whimsical and modern design. The soft greens and browns look lovely against the birch wood background. Another bonus? These save-the-date cards are actually postcards — savThe Voice of Urban Youth. Cheap Fashionable Plush Trimmed Devil Petticoat Costumes can make fashion statements.ing you money on postage while saving our resources.

    Everything these design darlings do is fabulous, so I couldn’t help but share some of their other lovely offerings as well. They offer a full line of chic letterpress cards, stationary & invitations, as well as a lovely selection of gifts,Looking for a christmas Cheap Gorgeous Queen of Hearts Costumes View our stunning range today & stand out from the crowd! all produced using environmentally friendly practices. Fill the cute wooden letter holder with personalized stationary for a thoughtful bridesmaid’s gift. Or, give the adorable and functional tote bags (filled with yummy goodies) to out of town guests as a welcome gift.

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  • 1.Improve the stability and comfort of the tire on the road

    Nitrogen is almost inert diatomic gas, chemically extremely inert gas molecules larger than oxygen molecules and difficult to heat or cooling, the deformation amplitude is small, its speed to penetrate the tire wall is about 30 ~ 40% slower than air, can be maintained stable tire pressure, improve the stability of the tire on the road, driving comfort; nitrogen audio low conductivity, which is equivalent to 1/5 of the common air, the use of nitrogen can effectively reduce the tire noise and improve driving quiet.

    2. Prevent puncture and lack of air grind line

    The puncture is the number one killer in a road traffic accident, according to statistics, 46 percent of traffic accidents on the highway due to tire failure, including a flat tire accounted for 70% of the total tire accident. A moving vehicle, the tire temperature will rise due to friction with the ground, especially in high speed and emergency braking, tire gas temperature will increase rapidly, tire pressure surge, so there will be the possibility of puncture. While the high temperature could cause tire rubber aging, fatigue strength decreased, the tread wear is severe, is an important factor that may puncture. Compared with the general high-pressure air, high purity nitrogen because the oxygen-free and almost free of oil-water, low coefficient of thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity, slow warming, reducing the speed of the tire to gather steam, non-natural does not help then characteristics, can greatly reduce the chance of a puncture.

    3. Extend tire life

    The use of nitrogen, tire pressure stable volume, greatly reduces the possibility of irregular tire friction, such as crown grinding, tire shoulder wear, partial wear and improve tire life; the aging of rubber by oxygen molecules in the air oxidation due to aging, its strength and elasticity decreased, and there will be a cracking phenomenon, then one of the reasons for shortening tire life. Nitrogen separation device greatly limits to exclude oxygen in the air, sulfur, oil, water and other impurities, effectively reducing the degree of oxidation and rubber tire inner liner of corrosion phenomena, does not corrode the metal rim, extending tire service life, but also greatly reduce the status of the rim rust.

    4. Reduce fuel consumption and protect the environmental

    Scroll the increase of the Yin force in the lack of tire pressure and heat will cause an increase in fuel consumption when the car driving; nitrogen in addition to maintain a stable tire pressure, to delay the tire pressure to reduce its dry and not oil without water, the thermal conductivity characteristics of low, slow warming to reduce the increase in temperature in the tires when walking, as well as deformation of the grip to improve, reducing the rolling resistance, so as to achieve the goal of reducing fuel consumption. U.S. authorities have made a tire filled with nitrogen gas and charge air contrast experiment, the experimental statistical results showed that nitrogen run 26 percent more than the charge air tire mileage. Nitrogen tire inflation tire pressure as designed, can achieve the fuel consumption in automotive design. Experiments show that 2-10% of the nitrogen tire fuel-efficient than the charge air. Effective in reducing air pollution. Brazilian practice, nitrogen filling tire traveled 50,000 kilometers still need to qi. Nitrogen tires are more resistant than air tires wear, the damaged tires before the tread wear and tear indicators, nitrogen filling tire run an average of 48 percent more mileage than the charge air tire.


  • This was the year of the celebrity wardrobe malfunction overshare, and the trend reached saturation point when Sofia Vergara tweeted a photo of her bare bum after she split her Emmy dress.Fashions and Cheap Mini Sultry Devil Bustier Costumes are constantly changing and may differ from country to country, depending on various factors including age, geography, and climate.Shop Prom Girl for cute Supergirl Costumes for sale, tutu flower girl dresses, and little girl party wear. Ladies and gents, we’ve officially entered TMI territory.

    Give it up,Cheap Goddess of Twilight Vampire Costumes for ladies. We dedicate to offer fancy products for all women so that all you need to focus on is to be fancy ladies. guys! If you want to wear specs as an accessory, at least put some clear lenses in them, okay!? We are so ready to say sayonara to fake glasses in the new year.

    There are bras, and then there are tops. For some reason, a slew of celebs got the two confused in 2012 and showed up all over the red carpet in what should be considered their skivvies.Get the latest Cheap Three Piece Magic Spell Witch Costumes, outfit ideas, and clothing care advice to fit your budget and your lifestyle. Just say no to bra tops in 2013,Find Cheap Debonaire Buccaneer Pirate Maiden Sleeved Costumes in a variety of trendsetting designer styles in this collection. girls!

    In the words of the almighty Mean Girls, “Stop trying to make meggings happen! It’s never going to happen!”

    And finally, I end with this grievance. Enough with the visible granny panties, alright? I know what you’re thinking–but then everyone will be able to see my bum beneath my so-sheer-it’s-almost-not-there skirt. Here’s an idea to usher in in the new year: Let’s try some real fabric!

    What were your personal worst trends of 2012? Any popular looks you want to leave behind in the new year? Share!

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  • Here at Washington Life we see more than our fair share of party guests and their sartorial choices. Each week, we will feature our favorite “Best Dressed Guest” from recent events we have photographed and share a few words of advice from the well-groomed Washingtonian.The latest womens and ladies fashion including cheap Cheap Seduce Suck Your Blood Lingerie Costumes and womens clothes all at great prices.

    It takes a seasoned fashion eye to spot a vintage gown that can not only work for a sophisticated Washington soiree, but can stand out in a crowd of couture.Shop online for the latest in womens occasion wear, accessories & Cheap Hot Maid Costumes With Green Hat. But photographer and visual artist Violetta Markelou nailed that mission at WL’s seventh annual Young and the Guest List party, held on December 17 at Arena Stage. Dressed in a stunning floor-length, beaded gown that she purchased from her friend’s Los Gitanos vintage collection sold at Rue 14, Markelou was told she that she was “a vision.”

    “I believe your fashion is an extension of who you are as an individual, [and this] dress speaks to my personality,” says Markelou.

    She accessorized the show-stopping dress with a second hand Elie Tahari fur shawl, vintage earrings, Nine West heels and a clutch she scored in a NY boutique.

    Markelou is known around the WL office as the queen of vintage,What a lovely Teddies Lingerie for sale she’ll make in one of these beautiful dresses. and we are constantly green with envy over her finds. Naturally,Discover perfect Plus Size Lingerie for sale. The Wedding Shoppe has Flower Girl Dresses that will create the ideal wedding. we picked her brain for advice when shopping vintage and she let us in on her secrets, which includeProm Dresses City offers special occasion dresses, prom dresses, homecoming dresses at discount prices! Browse 2013 cheap prom dress collection now!Cheap Playful Seductive Maid Outfitd “look, and look often” and “when you find something, get it tailored right away.” For Markelou, making vintage work is all about the fit.

    “Make sure what your wearing fits you well. It doesn’t matter what it is or what it costs. If it fits and flatters your body, you’ll look like a million dollars.”

    Violetta Markelou is a visual artist specializing in photography and makeup in Washington, D.C. When she’s not documenting the art of transformation with her camera, she spends her time uncovering high- and low-end fashion, jewelry and accessories in vintage and second-hand shops. She shares more of her style insights at her blog The Thrifty Fashionista and its Facebook group almost daily.

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  • During the recent Automechanika show, Bosch’s Automotive Aftermarket division displayed its latest tyre workshop products, including two new balancers, the WBE 4200 and 4400. With these new additions, the Bosch tyre services range has expanded to include equipment for balancing car, motorcycle, and van wheels.

    The manufacturer says the WBE 4200 and 4400 are characterised by their easy operation and high level of precision. The software for these units offers various statistical and dynamic balancing options and provides the operator with eleven programmes for passenger car wheels and five special modes each for aluminium rims and motorcycle wheels.

    Setup time for both new models is reduced thanks to a new automatic weight position recognition system. Using the internal measuring arm, the system automatically detects the type and position of the weights and provides the operator with this information immediately. Operators also have the scope to install an optional external measuring arm, which can be used to automatically record wheel width. Bosch notes that this automated operation saves time in the workshop, thereby achieving improved levels of productivity.

    Both balancing machines are suitable for wheels with rim diameters between 10 and 26-inches and a rim width of up to 21-inches. Wheels with a diameter of up to 1,200 millimetres and a maximum weight of 70 kilogrammes can be balanced. The WBE 4200 is supplied with a digital LED colour display, while the WBE 4400 features a 19-inch TFT monitor.

    Bosch promotes its “all about wheels” range as a line-up offering an extensive selection of services to meet every workshop’s requirements – from machines that enable the repair shop to enter into the lucrative tyre business through to mounting and balancing machines with ultra-modern laser tyre diagnostic technology. In addition to covering for performing tyre services on cars, motorcycles and vans, the Bosch portfolio features tyre mounting devices and balancing machines for heavy commercial vehicles, buses and for construction and agricultural vehicles.

    Using the TCE 5335 tyre mounting device, it is possible to fit jumbo format tyres of up to 2,300 millimetres in diameter, 1,300 millimetres in width and 1,400 kilogrammes in weight, while mounting devices such as the TCE 4540 or TCE 4460 are particularly suitable for carrying out tyre services on passenger cars. The WBE 4430 and 4435 wheel balancers are described by the manufacturer as “very easy to use”, units that “enable operators to work in a precise and efficient manner” and determine the exact position of balancing weights in just a few seconds. Considerable time can also be saved when entering data, as frequently used programmes can be called up at the touch of a button using the programmable function keys. In addition, much consideration was given to ergonomic considerations in order to make it easier for operators to use the machines and carry out tasks. The balancing weights are located right next to the machine in a special storage rack, with space for a sufficient number of weights to cover even a long day’s workload.


  • One of the most conspicuous absences from GM’s full-size truck reveal was the lack of any hybrid variants. The highly-touted but slow selling hybrid full-size trucks and SUVs were never intended to be the darlings of America’s truck space, but they played an important behind the scenes role for the company.

    A hybrid truck may have been as appealing to the average truck buyer as a camouflage tutu, but under the arcane CAFE rules, there were plenty of credits to be had by producing a hybrid truck or large SUV. For the nitty gritty details, a longer summary is available here. For those with an aversion to long, complex explanations of government regulations, let’s just say that the “credits” applied to every hybrid truck or large SUV produced would help a given auto maker reach its CAFE target, because the credits can not only be applied to the trucks themselves, but to other “underperforming vehicles” – or retained for use in later years.

    But with GM cutting its R&D budgets, the “two-mode hybrid” system is set to die. In its place is a new Gen V small-block V8 with direct injection, variable valve timing and cylinder-deactivation. Final fuel economy numbers aren’t available yet, but we do know that GM is going at it alone with their “two truck” strategy, offering the large trucks alongside a smaller pickup with superior fuel economy. Unlike Ford and Chrysler, the V6 Silverado/Sierra won’t play such an important role for the General.