• Why do companies place a high regard on safety in the workplace? This is because the negligence of safety can actually cost properties, lives and the business itself. Considering this, it is important that all workers learn and apply safety practices, including those who are required to operate industrial machinery. If you use a scissor lift the way most production and manufacturing businesses do, you can benefit from the following safety reminders. As with any piece of heavy equipment, there are two basic safety rules that workers should abide by. First is to adhere to the requirements set by the manufacturer for operating the lift. The second is that the lift will be safe as long as you use it according to how it has been designed. This highlights the importance of following the first guideline. Knowing and practicing these rules should keep everyone safe but following other safe practices is also recommended.

    First off, you need to understand that scissor lifts have their limitations. They can be used as an elevated platform but should not be overloaded. Keep in mind that the higher the lift goes, the more unstable the base becomes, making it more susceptible to outside forces. Hence, it is important that the weight limit is observed. Second, do a thorough pre-operative inspection. In the same way that you would operate a skid steer, check beforehand if the parts and controls are in good condition and that there are no evident warning signs that should be attended to. Third, it is recommended not to rush whenever heavy or industrial equipment is used. Sure and steady operation should be ensured at all times. In this case, an important aspect to consider is the training of the machine operators. Only trained personnel should be allowed to use the lift.

    Fourth, don’t move the lift across the job site while the platform is still raised. Confine activities on the lift to the immediate area, and should there be a need to work at another area of the job site, the platform should be retracted prior to moving the whole lift. Accidents at the job site can be prevented if everyone commits to remembering all the safety rules and putting them into practice. Even those in management have their responsibilities when it comes to enforcing and practicing safety. If they have plans to rent the equipment, they should find a reputable rental company such as Hertzequip. This can be a guarantee that you will be using a high quality lift will not compromise on safety.

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