• During the recent Automechanika show, Bosch’s Automotive Aftermarket division displayed its latest tyre workshop products, including two new balancers, the WBE 4200 and 4400. With these new additions, the Bosch tyre services range has expanded to include equipment for balancing car, motorcycle, and van wheels.

    The manufacturer says the WBE 4200 and 4400 are characterised by their easy operation and high level of precision. The software for these units offers various statistical and dynamic balancing options and provides the operator with eleven programmes for passenger car wheels and five special modes each for aluminium rims and motorcycle wheels.

    Setup time for both new models is reduced thanks to a new automatic weight position recognition system. Using the internal measuring arm, the system automatically detects the type and position of the weights and provides the operator with this information immediately. Operators also have the scope to install an optional external measuring arm, which can be used to automatically record wheel width. Bosch notes that this automated operation saves time in the workshop, thereby achieving improved levels of productivity.

    Both balancing machines are suitable for wheels with rim diameters between 10 and 26-inches and a rim width of up to 21-inches. Wheels with a diameter of up to 1,200 millimetres and a maximum weight of 70 kilogrammes can be balanced. The WBE 4200 is supplied with a digital LED colour display, while the WBE 4400 features a 19-inch TFT monitor.

    Bosch promotes its “all about wheels” range as a line-up offering an extensive selection of services to meet every workshop’s requirements – from machines that enable the repair shop to enter into the lucrative tyre business through to mounting and balancing machines with ultra-modern laser tyre diagnostic technology. In addition to covering for performing tyre services on cars, motorcycles and vans, the Bosch portfolio features tyre mounting devices and balancing machines for heavy commercial vehicles, buses and for construction and agricultural vehicles.

    Using the TCE 5335 tyre mounting device, it is possible to fit jumbo format tyres of up to 2,300 millimetres in diameter, 1,300 millimetres in width and 1,400 kilogrammes in weight, while mounting devices such as the TCE 4540 or TCE 4460 are particularly suitable for carrying out tyre services on passenger cars. The WBE 4430 and 4435 wheel balancers are described by the manufacturer as “very easy to use”, units that “enable operators to work in a precise and efficient manner” and determine the exact position of balancing weights in just a few seconds. Considerable time can also be saved when entering data, as frequently used programmes can be called up at the touch of a button using the programmable function keys. In addition, much consideration was given to ergonomic considerations in order to make it easier for operators to use the machines and carry out tasks. The balancing weights are located right next to the machine in a special storage rack, with space for a sufficient number of weights to cover even a long day’s workload.