• A simple car can turn into a stylish attention getting ride when the lights are updated. What more when you modify the lights of an elegant BMW. One of the exciting modifications you can do to your BMW is the lighting upgrade. Many mod enthusiasts look for clear lens tail lights to give their BMWs that unique back end look. Even if you are not mod crazy, upgrading your BMW tail lights is a great option you want your BMW to look different from the rest of the BMWs on the road. How about replacing your stock tail lights with cool clear lens tail lights?

    These clear lens tail lights are in the category of Euro type tail lights. To be specific, these type of tail lights are called Altezzas. Whatever they are called, these modern looking tail lights look great on BMWs.

    These clear lens tail lights for BMWs are not complicated BMW exterior modifications. You can easily replace your stock tail light assemblies with a custom designed unit that match your car’s make or model. They can be installed in less than one hour on your BMW. These clear lenses are not the typical bullet-style tail lights and turn signal lights. These unique lenses have style rings and platings, that accentuate the light emitting from auto tail lights and turn signals for an individual look that is truly more attractive than the factory design. It is certainly one of the exciting BMW tail lights upgrades.

    BMW clear lens tail lights come in different styles and colors. There are good options such as black, chrome, carbon fiber and more. Some people want it customized to look more unique. These LED-based tail lights are very appealing on every angle. These modern looking tail lights feature the fitting of new bulbs that light quicker and brighter than the conventional tail light bulbs. Modern vehicles are likely equipped with LED lights, but if your BMW is not equipped with these great tail lights, then consider this in your next BMW exterior upgrades.

    When looking  for a nice BMW upgrade, it is always a good option to upgrade your factory BMW tail lights to  clear lens tail lights when you want the back of your car to look phenomenal. These clear lens tail lights are street legal and meet the tight standard of the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).