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    Amber and her fiancé Mark are getting ready for a summer wedding and her mother’s dress, which she wore more than 20 years ago, is outdated.

    “I want to make it mine that day too. I want to feel as gorgeous that day as my mom did when she wore it but just without the big poofy sleeves and we’ve come to that agreement,” she said.

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    Bonita used the original fabric, beading, and lace from Amber’s mother’s dress to create a modern 1950s inspired wedding dress that will cost less than $500.

    Amber is excited that her special day will have more sentimental value.

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    Make sure if you are planning on using your mother’s or grandmother’s gown it was preserved properly, if not, you could be in for a disappointment.


  • With absolutely no leads on proposed designers (mostly because the girl is BFFs with ALL of them), we took a look back at Gaga’s recent sartorial history and rounded up a few looks that might give us some clues. First up is, of course, that actual wedding dress (replete with a veil!) that she wore out on the town in London. Low-cut sweetheart neckline, billowing full skirt, delicate satin gloves — this is a recipe for eye-popping drama. The next major white dress that comes to mind is the antebellum Chanel Haute Couture Mother Monster wore for the opening of Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s. Who can forget a skirt like that?

    Then,We offer a wide range of the latest style and quality Cheap Five-piece Diana Tawed Costumes. of course, there are the more avant garde possibilities. This slinky, décolletage-revealing Versace number that we could see Gaga wearing with the sleeves removed (more summer-appropriate). Also, would she ever forego a traditional veil for mask? Masks are totally in right now. Or perhaps Gaga will prefer a more spatially dominating gown like this tiered Francesco Scognamiglio she wore to the 2010 Brit Awards.Browse our elegant range of Cheap Charming Chambermaid Costumes with options for both formal and informal occasions, from maxi dresses to formal chiffon dresses. This particular dress might too closely resemble a wedding cake or her to actually wear it, but who knows! We secretly hope she goes for something that toes the line between the two: form-fitting on top but with a breathtaking train situation like the Alexander McQueen from the 2011 Bambi Awards dripping with gold and tissue-thin ruffles.

    Presuming the summer nuptial rumors are true, it’s important to take the season into consideration. We found three warm-weather white numbers for a few different moods. On the left, a structured ladylike ensemble with wafer-like headgear, plus pearly and lace details. In the middle, an architectural piece from Gaga’s Born This Way Ball tour wardrobe. This is a definite long-shot, but then again, can fashion choices really be long-shots for Gaga? On the right, we have the most matrimonial of Mother Monster’s many 2009 VMA ensembles.Sexy formal gowns and cheap Cheap Grande Dominatrix Halloween Corset Costumes styles for 2013. We know we’re biased, but purely because of the history, we’d be stoked if Gaga brought this back.

    Finally,The Most Cheap Cerise Bunny Girl Bustier Costumes from 2013 Fall Bridal Fashion Week. there’s this. We can’t forget that Gaga wore her mother’s actual Norma Kamali wedding dress in her “Yoü and I” music video. And who was her co-star again? Oh, that’s right. TAYLOR KINNEY HIMSELF. If Gaga resurrected this look for her wedding day, the decibel of insane this would be is so far off the charts that we’re pretty sure the blog would self-destruct. While we wait to be bestowed answers to these questions,Explore fashion dresses, accessories, & shoes inspired Cheap Personal Witch Costumes For Halloween. relive the Gaga x Kinney magic in the video below!