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  • Tyre manufacturers are ramping up their new product developments in order to boost ratings under the new tyre labelling scheme.

    However, industry feedback suggests that the new scheme, introduced last November, is having little impact on fleet and leasing company purchasing decisions, primarily because they are already choosing the best performing tyres.

    Lex Autolease, the UK’s largest leasing company with 268,240 risk fleet vehicles on its books (FN50 figures), told Fleet News that labelling was not influencing the way it was doing business.

    “Procuring the best quality tyres has always been of paramount importance to us,” said Ian Thomson, head of fleet operations.

    “That said, we welcome the tyre labelling legislation as it has encouraged greater transparency which will help support the fleet industry in improving standards and reducing its impact on the environment.”

    Michelin says many more fleets are becoming interested in tyre ratings and they are beginning to influence purchasing decisions, including those made on ‘with maintenance’ contracts by their leasing company providers.

    Dave Crinson, Michelin head of fleet, said: “In London, fleets have been particularly concerned with the fuel efficiency category as this has a direct link to vehicles’ CO2 emissions, which is a big issue in the capital.

    “There is still a lot more to be done about raising awareness, but it’s encouraging to see tyre labelling starting to have a positive impact on the industry.

    Goodyear Dunlop has launched its latest tyre in response to the new labelling legislation which it claims offers not only shorter braking distances, but also saves one litre of fuel for around every 300 miles of motoring.

    The new EfficientGrip Performance tyre has been developed after two years of intense research at the Goodyear innovation centre in Luxembourg.

    With its BA rating – B for rolling resistance and A for wet grip – the tyre takes the company closer to the ultimate goal of an AA rating.

    “The new tyre will replace our EfficientGrip tyre which was rated CB or BB – depending upon size – and could mean a reduction in braking distances of around 5% depending upon conditions,” said Jean-Pierre Jeusette, the general director of the innovation centre.

    “That could easily mean a car stopping two to three metres earlier.

    “But as well as the safety features, it is the saving in fuel used that we believe will appeal to business users.”

    Goodyear Dunlop has already produced some concept tyres rated AA, the highest grading levels obtainable on fuel efficiency and wet grip.

    These ultimate rating tyres are, however, specifically designed for research and development purposes and are not yet ready to come to market.

    Jeusette said the company wanted to improve them further to ensure they would cover more miles than they are currently able to before putting them on sale.

    Asked what would happen to tyre ratings when the AA product was eventually on sale, he said: “It will be like fridges – we will have to go to AA+, then AA++ and so on. But the development work will not stop.”

    Hugues Despres, brand director for Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa, added: “We believe labelling is a game changer and it will impact how consumers choose their tyres in the future.”

    He said: “The tyre label judges us on standards which contribute to enabling a better environment for us all, our ability to deliver a tyre which achieves top marks in tough conditions – namely in wet  – and our ability to be environmentally considerate by delivering a tyre that reduces overall fuel consumption of the car, and consequently decreases CO2 generated by the vehicle.”


  • When all of your vehicle’s wheels are lined up exactly with each other, your wheels are in alignment. Hitting a road hazard or even just the normal bumps and bounces of everyday driving in Greensboro can cause your sedan’s wheels to be out of alignment.

    Driving for an extended time in Greensboro when your wheels are out of alignment results in uneven tire wear. This is dangerous … and expensive. Worst case scenario, you have a blowout on a crowded NC expressway. It can also cause premature wear to your suspension system, which can be really expensive to repair. At the very least, you may have to replace your tires years too early.

    The ideal alignment for your sedan was designed by its engineers. Alignment service at Hanks Auto & Truck Repair starts with an inspection of the steering and suspension – to see if anything’s bent or broken. Then your courteous Hanks Auto & Truck Repair technician will look at tire condition.

    From there, the sedan is put on an alignment rack and an initial alignment reading is taken. The wheels are then aligned to sedan car makers’s specifications.

    Your sedan owner’s manual probably has a recommendation for how often your alignment should be checked – usually every couple of years. If you suspect an alignment problem, get it checked at Hanks Auto & Truck Repair before you suffer expensive tire or suspension damage.


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  • With absolutely no leads on proposed designers (mostly because the girl is BFFs with ALL of them), we took a look back at Gaga’s recent sartorial history and rounded up a few looks that might give us some clues. First up is, of course, that actual wedding dress (replete with a veil!) that she wore out on the town in London. Low-cut sweetheart neckline, billowing full skirt, delicate satin gloves — this is a recipe for eye-popping drama. The next major white dress that comes to mind is the antebellum Chanel Haute Couture Mother Monster wore for the opening of Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s. Who can forget a skirt like that?

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    Presuming the summer nuptial rumors are true, it’s important to take the season into consideration. We found three warm-weather white numbers for a few different moods. On the left, a structured ladylike ensemble with wafer-like headgear, plus pearly and lace details. In the middle, an architectural piece from Gaga’s Born This Way Ball tour wardrobe. This is a definite long-shot, but then again, can fashion choices really be long-shots for Gaga? On the right, we have the most matrimonial of Mother Monster’s many 2009 VMA ensembles.Sexy formal gowns and cheap Cheap Grande Dominatrix Halloween Corset Costumes styles for 2013. We know we’re biased, but purely because of the history, we’d be stoked if Gaga brought this back.

    Finally,The Most Cheap Cerise Bunny Girl Bustier Costumes from 2013 Fall Bridal Fashion Week. there’s this. We can’t forget that Gaga wore her mother’s actual Norma Kamali wedding dress in her “Yoü and I” music video. And who was her co-star again? Oh, that’s right. TAYLOR KINNEY HIMSELF. If Gaga resurrected this look for her wedding day, the decibel of insane this would be is so far off the charts that we’re pretty sure the blog would self-destruct. While we wait to be bestowed answers to these questions,Explore fashion dresses, accessories, & shoes inspired Cheap Personal Witch Costumes For Halloween. relive the Gaga x Kinney magic in the video below!