• Mercedes’ alleged breach of the Formula 1 regulations with its secret tyre test for Pirelli could now go to the FIA International Tribunal.

    Following more than three hours of discussions by the Monaco Grand Prix stewards on Sunday night, they issued a statement stating that a report was being prepared for the FIA .”After hearing and collecting information the stewards will write a report to the FIA who may bring the matter before the International Tribunal,” said the statement.

    Mercedes had become the subject of a protest from both Red Bull and Ferrari ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix after it emerged the team had tested for Pirelli with a 2013 car at Barcelona after the Spanish Grand Prix.Although the team insisted that it had been given authority from the FIA to run the current car in a tyre development test, rival outfits are convinced that the regulations are clear in outlawing any form of in-season testing.

    While Nico Rosberg’s victory in the Monaco Grand Prix is secure, with the FIA having made the result official, should the team be found in breach of the rules then it could face future sanctions.Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn said before the outcome of the stewards meeting that he would have been upset if Rosberg’s well-earned victory had been taken away from him.

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  • Red Bull has lodged an official protest against Mercedes’ private test with Pirelli, with team principal Christian Horner seeking “clarity”.

    Mercedes completed 1000km at the Circuit de Catalunya after the Spanish Grand Prix using its current car as Pirelli wanted to use contemporary machinery to carry out tyre development work. Horner told Sky Sports that he felt there had been a breach of regulations relating to in-season testing.

    “I don’t think we’re probably the only team that feels that way,” Horner said. “It’s not Pirelli’s fault, I think that Pirelli need to sort their situation out. The problem is the manner this has been dealt with has not been right.”In response, Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn said Mercedes had done nothing wrong and had not even been aware of which tyres it was testing.

    “We’ll have to wait and see what the stewards say,” Brawn said. “We’re pretty clear in our position; we were approached by Pirelli and asked to conduct a tyre test. They were very concerned by some of the problems they’ve been having recently, they didn’t feel that the car they’ve been using was representative and within their agreement with the FIA there’s a provision for them to ask any team to do a 1000km tyre test.

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  • The Italian company’s motorsport director Paul Hembery hoped that would not be the case, however.

    “There have been concerns from some of the teams that the changes will favor one team or another, but we don’t think that will be the case,” he told the autosport.com website.”These changes are being made for Pirelli, not for anyone else. We need to get the balance right.”

    Pirelli announced earlier that changes to the structure and compounds of the tires would be made for the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, the seventh of 19 races this season, on June 9.

    They had said at the weekend that the new tires could not be introduced until the British Grand Prix at the end of June but changed their minds after a review of the situation following Sunday’s race in Barcelona.

    The Italian supplier came in for considerable criticism from Red Bull, whose triple champion Sebastian Vettel saw his lead trimmed to four points over Lotus’s Kimi Raikkonen, after a race fill of pitstops with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso making four on his way to victory.

    Red Bull’s billionaire owner Dietrich Mateschitz was quoted by Austrian media as saying Formula One had “nothing to do with racing anymore” while drivers complained that they had to slow to manage the tires.

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  • ANZ Pacific Operations Staff Foundation unveiled the renovated facilities at Nabua Sanatan Primary School yesterday.

    It was a timely event as the bank’s foundation handed over the keys to the refurbished school in an effort to help develop a conducive learning environment for the next school term

    ANZ CEO Pacific and Fiji, Vishnu Mohan said the contribution would improve learning and quality of life for students.

    “ANZ is committed to helping improve the communities where we work and this initiative reflects that,”said Mr Mohan.

    “Schools are the first, crucial step towards the future and I understand that is how our volunteers came to be involved in refurbishing these institutions,” he said.

    The refurbishment includes renovating the roof, walls and ceiling of the classrooms, repairing of the school conveniences and drainage, replacing faucets and drinking water basins and purchasing new books and furniture including 115 desks and 148 chairs.

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  • One is purely decorative in nature and the other is purely functional, but Brian Bergeron would argue that jewelry and tires share a lot of commonalities, especially when the two are combined.

    While Joe Public mostly views tires as underwhelming travel necessities, Mr. Bergeron, a jewelry designer and owner of Brian Bergeron Designs, always saw them a little differently. His fascination with tread designs led him to develop the Tire Rings line—rings for men and women featuring car, motorcycle, mountain bike and dirt bike tire tread patterns.

    “I’ve always liked tires. You go into a tire shop to get new tires and you can wander around for a long time,” he said. “I think they’re really an attractive part of the vehicle…. I’m somewhat in a mix of worlds because I have an art school background, but I’m much more appreciative of the mechanical end of things.”

    “One of the other reasons why the idea kind of spoke to me is because I’ve been in the jewelry business for a while, and I’ve seen all kinds of different jewelry, but it seems to me for the majority of people who purchase jewelry a big part of that purchase is sentimental. It’s a meaningful object—it’s not just a decorative object. Automotive and mechanical things are something a lot of people enjoy and are into and do socially.

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  • That’s the day the three St. Charles Parish sheriff’s detectives heard — and then responded to — reports that St. John the Baptist Parish deputies Brandon Nielsen and Jeremy Triche had been shot and killed in an ambush at a LaPlace mobile home park.

    Two other deputies, Jason Triche and Scott Boyington, were severely wounded in the attack.

    Gros had known Nielsen when the two served together in Jefferson Parish. Jeremy Triche had attended training with the three. Their paths crossed sometimes in the close-knit law enforcement community of the River Parishes, and their loss is deeply felt.

    Nielsen, a big, burly, man with an even bigger personality, was a “Motor Man,” a motorcycle cop who worked many a traffic detail and frequently escorted weddings, funerals and, on one occasion, the president of the United States. He left a wife and five children.

    Triche, a younger officer assigned to the K-9 Division, lived his entire life in LaPlace, where he was a high school athlete. He was married and had a 2-year-old son at the time of his death.

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  • With the Tauranga ball season underway, girls preparing for their school ball are finding replica celebrity looks on the internet rather than going to local shops.Mount Maunganui College student Dayarnn Nowell-Heaslip, 17, said she had looked on the internet for a dress and then found it in a shop in Auckland.She said her look was based on a classic 1930s style.”I’ve got a cowl back dress and I think the makeup will be natural, but with one thing that stands out as my dress is black. I’ll have my hair pulled to the side with loose curls.elegant angel“Dayarnn said she had researched hair, make up and dress ideas on the internet and watched E Channel before making her decision.”They’ve got all the fashion from things like the Golden Globes. I know a lot of my friends have been on thecelebritydresses.com site which has pictures of the celebrities and the dresses they wore to awards, then they make the dresses.”Dayarnn is also getting her hair and makeup done professionally which she said her “poor parents” would be paying for.Image and Beauty owner Tina Neville said the makeup and hair styles the girls chose depended on what the celebrities were wearing.”It doesn’t vary much year to year, I’m getting a lot of Taylor Swift photos, they bring in pictures of celebrities around their ages. Most girls are getting the smoky eye with false lashes, many aren’t comfortable with bright lips. Some girls get makeup to fit in with the theme of the ball, but it usually reflects on celebrity trends.”

    Mazzahn Hair and Beauty senior hairstylist Deborah Thompson said the majority of the hairdos were open, loose curls, although a lot of braids were also coming through. She said some girls still chose an up do depending on their style of dress.Many were also opting to get spray tans and manicures.naughty police officerMartelli’s Hair, Body and Beauty senior hairdresser Anna James said makeup was becoming more classical with brighter colours,fashion teacher costumes for sale although not overdone.Augustine owner Kelly Coe said girls quite often came into the store carrying pictures of what they were looking for.”Normally sequins are really popular,crotchless bikini sale or chiffon, but it’s hard to know because every year it’s different. One year they want maxi dresses, the next year they want them short. We do more cocktail type dresses, we don’t do full-length ball gowns. If a girl comes in with a picture of a celebrity I’ll usually advise her to go and get it tailor made.”Vanilla Bridal consultant Debbie Harper said girls were choosing long gowns rather than short.”Girls are really struggling this year to find dresses in Tauranga because the season is quite early again so they are just trying to find a dress they like in their size, although some do go online for ideas and perhaps buy online as well.cute bustiers for young women“Sabotage sales fashion consultant Chrissy Vick said strapless and one shoulder dresses were always in fashion, with vivid cobalt blues, aqua, black and diamantes all popular.


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    Pattern and even tone also are very important. Ones own Cheap Prom Dresses should really go along well with several boots, truck bed covers, and even accents you generated everyone of these quite a few years. You desire to take you the gown which will proceeds clearly considering the several other wardrobe you have got,cheap fashion hosiery and even that you can design a lot of dresses that can be cool and even relatively.side snap booty shorts It’s not necessary to are interested an important prom clothing only to notice it’s not actually which will best pattern and tone correspond that clothes you had as their intended purpose. Developing to return and even out with the dept hold to see the best clothing is a fritter away and even precious time. Choosing prom clothing web based can provide one the possibility to examine the available choices and even trinkets clothing you’re thinking that a good number of sizing for one’s dresses. Advise at your discretion to select clothing you prefer. Though it is recommended that you have got various awareness in everything that the information you can obtain before you’ll definitely buy the application.Prom belongs to the most essential occurrences at a vibrant ladies everyday life. That your hair, that boots,mens bodystocking lace flowerfashion Nurse Costumes that beauty products, and even notably the gown will have to be appropriate. In actual fact, you might possibly suggest which will as the Prom Dresses UK can be found every is without a doubt compensated. You can get as expected a number of stores that comes with prom clothing. Many islands put up for sale prime quality clothing as a result of model companies. Then again, Riva Design Prom Clothing and even Riva Prom Clothing present you with incorporate a classic prom clothing trends you may come upon. Much of our thorough selection of prom clothing attracts each individual awareness in quality. It wouldn’t matter you need an attractive, quick flare as well as a alot more unpretentious customary start looking, Riva Design contains a product for everyone.

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  • 12 Genuine Accessories For The New Mercedes Benz CLA RevealedAs the release of the Mercedes-Benz CLA draws near, the luxury car manufacturer has revealed the Genuine Accessories catalogue for the new sporty car model.Among the highlights of the line of products for the new CLA of Mercedes-Benz include a modern multimedia system, realistic transport solution, and dynamic China Passenger Car Wheel balancerindividualization options. AMG body styling features and a customized rear spoiler are some options that enhance the appearance of the vehicle.The Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone facilitates the seamless integration of an iPhone into the Mercedes-Benz China Single post liftsCLA. On the other hand the Audio 20 radio can be converted into a high-performance navigation system featuring a 3D map display using the Becker MAP PILOT.

    The CLA may also be outfitted with a number of light-alloy wheels from the Genuine Accessories catalogue. The high-sheen variants will add to the appeal of the vehicle since it creates a contrast between the painted surfaces and seemingly bare metal areas.The Alustyle Quickfix basic carrier will also facilitate the attachment of snowboard racks, bicycle carriers and roof boxes. The product Latest advanced technology with high-precision stick-on weight position finding systemofferings of the Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH passed through strict quality and safety standards that are expected from a vehicle with the Mercedes-Benz brand.The Genuine Accessories catalog is already available in numerous Mercedes-Benz dealerships although the price tag has yet to be announced.


  • So you see the problem: the varsity jacket has gone all ageist on us. This is an unexpected development. While there are many trends that are self-evidently for the under-30s – those “pokey” shorts with pockets longer than the legs; anything with an amusing animal face on it – others become age-inappropriate by association. sex kitten outfit The varsity jacket is one of those.You may know the jacket I’m wearing as a baseball jacket, or a letterman jacket, depending on vintage – your vintage, that is. Those of us (ahem) old enough to remember Flip in Covent Garden – an 80s temple to baseball jackets and Levi’s – might struggle to reclassify this style as a new trend.

    The rule goes that if you’re old enough to have worn a trend first time around, you should bow out of its revival.french maid apron There was some logic to that when fashion moved at a slower pace and a look took decades to come back. But now, when fashion careers from trend to trend at such breakneck speed that it is liable to come full circle within 18 months,cheap thigh highs the old law is trickier to enforce. Were I to adhere to it, every hemline between midi and micro mini would be off limits, as would every decade from the 1920s to 1990s.plus size corsets I’d be left with a stark choice between hobble skirts and dress-down Friday chinos.

    Therefore, I’ve decided I’m not really prepared to cede the varsity jacket to the kids. There should surely be some zones within fashion that are permanently accessible to all, not available to be land-grabbed by the latest generation of hipsters. We need a sort of right to roam, but for style rather than countryside. A green belt of clothing options that we know will always be there. Into this category I would put the varsity jacket, along with white T-shirts, jeans and Dunlop Green Flash.It’s only fair. After all,french mesh thongs not all of us are young enough to have the option of wearing pokey shorts and a zany animal T-shirt.