• 12 Genuine Accessories For The New Mercedes Benz CLA RevealedAs the release of the Mercedes-Benz CLA draws near, the luxury car manufacturer has revealed the Genuine Accessories catalogue for the new sporty car model.Among the highlights of the line of products for the new CLA of Mercedes-Benz include a modern multimedia system, realistic transport solution, and dynamic China Passenger Car Wheel balancerindividualization options. AMG body styling features and a customized rear spoiler are some options that enhance the appearance of the vehicle.The Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone facilitates the seamless integration of an iPhone into the Mercedes-Benz China Single post liftsCLA. On the other hand the Audio 20 radio can be converted into a high-performance navigation system featuring a 3D map display using the Becker MAP PILOT.

    The CLA may also be outfitted with a number of light-alloy wheels from the Genuine Accessories catalogue. The high-sheen variants will add to the appeal of the vehicle since it creates a contrast between the painted surfaces and seemingly bare metal areas.The Alustyle Quickfix basic carrier will also facilitate the attachment of snowboard racks, bicycle carriers and roof boxes. The product Latest advanced technology with high-precision stick-on weight position finding systemofferings of the Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH passed through strict quality and safety standards that are expected from a vehicle with the Mercedes-Benz brand.The Genuine Accessories catalog is already available in numerous Mercedes-Benz dealerships although the price tag has yet to be announced.


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