• Clothing distributor Apparel & Sarong wholesalesarong.com adds new jersey dresses to its wholesale catalog. Wholesalesarong.com today unveils its latest range of jersey dress made of cotton. The shipment is imported in anticipation of the high lucrative summer shopping season.devil costume bewitched The company has announced that it will want to further consolidate its market leadership position in the North America wholesale distribution. The range is spearheaded by the excellent looking jersey dress asymmetrical dress, but it also comprised of other jersey products in various cutting and prints.

    Apparel & Sarong Wholesalesarong.com is the top player in the supply of cheap wholesale apparel in both US and Canada. Established since 1996, the company focuses on helping local retailers to source cheap products from Asian countries like Indonesia and China. Today it has established an extended supply chain that allows it to bring cheap yet quality products into continental America. Their products impress not just by the sheer number but also in diversity, as consumers are afforded more choices made possible by wholesalesarong.com. It has earned the trust among local retailers,Cheap White Retro Removable Bikini Set on sale by associating itself as a reliable distributor who brings quality products with amazing pricing.bikini with anal ring In addition to apparel products, the company also supplies wholesale giftware,Cheap Hot Mod One Piece Swimsuit on sale jewelries, watches, and general fashion accessories.

    “Unlike cardigan, which opens at the front, jersey is a sort of pullover. That is the distinction between jersey and cardigan, even though both are used widely as synonymous to sweater. Our jersey products are knitted with cotton, so that makes sure that we take care of the comfort factor of the wearers. Every piece of the fabric comes with impeccable needlework, and the reason we make these from Asia is because the region has long been associated with fantastic work rate and product quality. So you will find your jersey perfectly knitted without a strand out of place,navyblue crotchless” remarks the spokesman of the company proudly.

    The jersey asymmetrical dress is striking in that it does not conform to conventional sense of fashion or the familiar symmetrical approach to formal wear. This adds a dash of excitement and personal style to the clothing. This more unorthodox approach has attracted new fans, especially people who like to project a statement about their fashion sense. But the collection is not restricted to just asymmetrical jersey dress, there are also symmetrically designed jersey on offer as well.


  • Are dresses the best summer staple or what? I always felt that once the temperatures get boiling hot you can kiss fashion & trends goodbye, cause let’s be honest when you’re sweating like a pig on your way to work, you’ll probably regret choosing style over coolness. So can we all just stick to flip-flops, cut-offs and cropped tops please, for the next 3 months? Errr… well no. Not really. Truth is,sexy short skirts for sale not rare are the occasions when dressing up for the appropriate situations in summer tends to gives us headaches rather than excitement.Cheap White Sexy Bikini With Ring on sale But as I said there is that one perfect summer attire that will always have our backs: The Summer Dress. It’s never dated, but always reinvented, easy to style & dress up or down. In 2013 summer,Cheap 2PC Sexy Tassel Bikini Set on sale designers have given us the free pass to rock almost all styles,bad schoolgirl will yet the maxi dresses, the shift dresses and the flirty, short, spaghetti strapped ones in the best prints ever are the hits of the season. On a more trend-note, the black dress, the white dress and I also think the one-color (or solid color ones) are the IT dresses of 2013.
    On one hand there’s the feminine classy take on summer dresses: silky fabrics, fluidity, flowy textures, prints, nipped at the waist with posh belts, frills, bare backs, slits etc. On the other hand, due to the trend links (yes I’m talking about the 90′s comeback) the jersey dresses with tiny spaghetti straps or those small printed flirty short ones in washed out colors are a great reminiscence of those grunge times when we were all rocking leather necklaces and bracelets and listening to Nirvana. So if today’s summer dresses are all over the place and can’t just channel on one style, what do we do? Go with our mood, occasion and fave looks. D’ohhh. :) This fashion freedom and potential to find just about any design dress you want is fantastic. tie front corsetsBesides there is the take-me-from-morning-to-evening-trait these dresses have. Slip a pair of heels on or go flip-flips to switch looks. Ditch your bag for a clutch, or vice-versa, pile on jewellery or keep it simple depending on where you’re going. A brand that’s got summer dresses to die for is Rosie True, click here. Hip, flirty, classy, trendy, printed, solid colors, short, maxis – all in soft silky fabrics, perfect for the hot season & for literally all occasions. It’s a great blend of luxury & casual fashion with loads of pieces for trendy summer looks.