• “Dress as though your life depends on it or don’t bother,” Leigh Bowery infamously said of the dress code for his weekly club night, Taboo, just off London’s Leicester Square. Bowery — designer, performance artist, club superstar, and finally a paint-splattered one-man canvas — was the outrageous master of ceremonies for London’s mid-eighties underground club scene. With him he brought a bizarre, and often drug-fueled, carnival of psycho-glamour and polysexual debauchery. Taboo’s notorious doorman, Mark Vaultier, would hold a mirror up to wannabe clubbers whose fashion efforts didn’t cut it and witheringly ask: “Would you let yourself in?”These dress codes might seem galaxies away from what Princess Di was wearing to royal engagements in the same era, but a new exhibition at London’s Victoria & Albert museum aims to show just how eighties fashion emerged directly from the underground music scene — and its draconian door policies.

    Club to Catwalk features creations from names like John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood, Stephen Jones,Cheap Ruffled Edges Fashion Beach Dress on sale Betty Jackson, Paul Smith, Pam Hogg, Katharine Hamnett, Rifat Ozbek,Cheap Brown Push-up Bikini Set on sale and Leigh Bowery.It gives a fascinating glimpse at the world of upstart British designers in the eighties who found international fame thanks to their bold aesthetic — an aesthetic that was often directly influenced by the city’s outrageous club culture. With each new club night, new style tribes emerged, and the exhibition celebrates the extreme styles of eighties London subcultures like Fetish, Goth, Rave, New Romantics, and High Camp. The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene meant clubs, let alone club nights, rarely made it passed their first birthday, but the appetite for subversion and total individuality lingered throughout the decade.

    John Galliano,tie front corsets who studied at Central Saint Martins art college from 1981 to 1984, remembers how on Thursdays and Fridays “the college was almost deserted. Everybody was at home working on their costumes for the weekend.Cheap Gorgeous Blue And Green Plaid Bikini Set on sale“Trojan, a club star and Bowery’s former lover, famously once hacked his ear half off as a fashion statement, because, as a 1986 article in The Face helpfully explains, he was “simply, fed up of being copied” by the girls at Taboo. It’s the kind of hedonism that makes Riri’s bad girl antics feel, well, a little tame.The V&A’s Head of Fashion Claire Wilcox, who curated the exhibition, says that she was keen to dispel the assumption that eighties fashion boils down to “power dressing and perms.Cheap Black Shiny Halter Bikini Set on sale” And what the exhibition lacks in shoulder pads, it makes up for with in men’s dresses, mint condition Westwood fetish gear, pirate outfits, a dance floor, and a purple Lycra leotard with its very own penis sheath.We spoke with Wilcox about how the beautiful and grotesque of London’s dingy clubs were crucial to eighties mainstream fashion.


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