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    3D STM image of arrays of manganese porphyrin catalysts at an interface of a tetradecane liquid and a gold surfaceDesign student Olivia Ong ‘07 hugs two garments, treated with metallic nanoparticles through a collaboration with fiber scientists Juan Hinestroza and Hong Dong, that she designed as part of her fashion line, “Glitterati.”Designed by Olivia Ong ‘07 in the College of Human Ecology’s Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design, the garments were infused with their unusual qualities by fiber science assistant professor Juan Hinestroza and his postdoctoral researcher Hong Dong. Apparel design assistant professor Van Dyke Lewis launched the collaboration by introducing Ong to Hinestroza several months ago.”We think this is one of the first times that nanotechnology has entered the fashion world,” Hinestroza said. He noted one drawback may be the garments’ price: one square yard of nano-treated cotton would cost about $10,000.Ong’s dress and jacket, part of her original fashion line called “Glitterati,” look innocently hip.It is a saying that the dead people come near to their family or whom they love in the sexy maid night. So this night people take more interest in scary chat, watching scary movies, scary stories and late night roaming around the streets. But closer inspection – with a microscope, that is – shows an army of electrostatically charged nanoparticles creating a protective shield around the cotton fibers in the top part of the dress, and the sleeves, hood and pockets of the jacket.

    “It’s something really moving toward the future, and really advanced,” said Ong, who graduates in December and aspires to design school. “I thought this could potentially be what fashion is moving toward.”Dong explained that the fabrics were created by dipping them in solutions containing nanoparticles synthesized in Hinestroza’s lab.This way you are one hundred percent sure bunny girlcostume your accessories will match well with the dress youre wearing. The resultant colors are not the product of dyes, but rather, reflections of manipulation of particle size or arrangement.The upper portion ofThis kind of jewelry has turned into a huge novelty in america. The explanation for grouponcostume recognition, I really believe will be the antithesis to traditional superb. the dress contains cotton coated with silver nanoparticles. Dong first created positively charged cotton fibers using ammonium- and epoxy-based reactions, inducing positive ionization. The silver particles, about 10-20 nanometers across were synthesized in citric acid, which prevented nanoparticle agglomeration.Dipping the positively charged cotton into the negatively charged silver nanoparticle solution resulted in the particles clinging to the cotton fibers.Silver possesses natural antibacterial qualities that are strengthened at the nanoscale, thus giving Ong’s dress the ability to deactivate many harmful bacteria and viruses. The silver infusion also reduces the need to wash the garment, since it destroys bacteria, and the small size of the particles prevents soiling and stains.
    The denim jacket included a hood,If you can find a white blanket which you are no longer using, you can already create cheap thong bikini for your kid. For the initial step, cover the blanket in a triangular shape your kid. sleeves and pockets with soft,Another game under same category is barbie daily dresses up which describe it cheap naughty girls Barbie has no idea about daily dress to select. gray tweed cotton embedded with palladium nanoparticles, about 5-10 nanometers in length. To create the material, Dong placed negatively charged palladium crystals onto positively charged cotton fibers.