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    A Nordic fashion battle is brewing after a Swedish designer accused retail powerhouse H&M of plagiarizing and profiting from one of her creations. She won an apology from the company after taking to Instagram and then emailing the CEO.Camilla Lundsten created a children’s book series about Littlephant, a popcorn-loving, bike-cruising red elephant.Shop from our wide selection of beautiful, vintage style designer Discount Wedding dresses for sale and modern wedding creations to make your day extra special. Last year collaborated with a smaller Swedish retailer – Lindex – to create a clothing collection based on her characters.In late November,“On Friday I went into H&M’s online store and discovered a dress with a rabbit peeking out of the pocket with accompanying harlequin tights,” Lundsten said in an interview nearly a week after her discovery. “I looked at H&M online stores in other countries and saw the same collection.”She then went to work trying to get the H&M collection pulled from the racks.This is the second time over the past six months big Nordic fashion names have drawn copycat allegations.In May, Finland’s iconic Marimekko design house and fashion retailer was taken to task after one of its newer designs too closely resembled work done by a Ukrainian artist in the 1960s. Marimekko, in fact, allowed Finnair to paint the design on an aircraft as part of a series of collaborations between the fashion company and the airline.Finnair ended up removing the design from the plane, the designer apologized and Marimekko later ended its relationship with her.Lundsten said she has managed to succeed in getting H&M to pull the clothing that she says closely mirrors her own. But it took some work.

    The Instagram post received about 1,400 likes in a couple of hours.After her Instagram post, she went to a physical H&M store and found the same baby clothes there. She also tried to call H&M Monday, but was bounced around without getting to speak anybody and was finally advised to send a message to the company’s general requests email address.So, Lundsten decided to go to the top.“Finally I got a hold of CEO Karl-Johan Persson’s email address and mailed him and others at the company. “Meanwhile, her allegations started getting traction in Swedish media and became a hot topic in the tabloids and on Swedish television.“They apologized and said that the inspiration had come too close to the original.but for a young lady in the prime of her life Tulle v-neck applique floor length ball gown wedding/party dress And they said they’d withdraw the collection immediately.”“It’s not that we ignored her for days and days, as some media have written. Her message didn’t reach the right people” Emilsson-Falk said. “We got in touch with her [Ms. Lundsten] on the same day that we learned of this.”According to Emilsson-Falk it takes about 24 hours for all clothing items to be removed from its network of store, “So by now, they should all have been withdrawn,” she said.Lundsten, however, says H&M may more her more than an apology and withdrawal of the clothing.“They’ve been selling this collection for a month,Outfits at Fresno-area stores run the gamut of styles Bridesmaid Dresses I’m sure they’ve made good money on this,” she said. “I you take somebody’s design, especially a small designer like myself you’re supposed to get royalties.”Lundsten, said protection for pattern design in the European U is not good “and I hope this case can lift the debate. …you have to have a debate of what is ethically okay (and) where you draw the line between inspiration and plagiarism. At what point does inspiration become plagiarism?”

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    This time we will share about Style Guide For Teen Girls: Plus Size Party Dresses for you, I think this is an enchanting background inspiration with great inspiration so you will obtain some new ideas for your hairstyles. You can also apply those ideas quickly by seeing these drawings, the particular elements of each design can be used for your necessities.Young people always love gathering, meeting some people, have nice conversation, dancing, eat delicious food, and have fun. That is why party is very popular among teens. Call it: homecoming party, prom-night party, birthday party,In the past few months, many of our gowns have won warm praise from international customers Wholesale Cheap Homecoming Dresses Online.a senior spokesman for the company says Wholesale Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses Online. or even some random get-together party at one’s house. Not only party, bullying is also popular among youngsters.Customers can now search for their dream dresses in our website Wholesale Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses Online. The simplest is verbal bullying, especially against the chubby ones. This is undeniably one factor that makes the chubby girls prefer staying at their homes instead of joining the fun. Hey, girls, no need to hide. There are a bunch of plus size party dresses out there. Pick up the right one, and you will look amazing in any party!One of the keys to looking great in plus size party dresses is finding dresses that flatter your best features and fit you perfectly. Teenage parties are not formal occasions, so prefer the short dresses to go. You should have the courage to sport all kinds of dresses, like a strapless dress which might sound ridiculous for you thinking that it’s only meant for slim figure. You can go for chiffon fabric for it will be a good choice. You can also opt for an empire waistline with crisscross motifs on it.

    If you’re still hesitating to do experiment in color, a dark-colored off-shoulder dress with tea length along with an empire waist would look just fabulous on you. Remember to avoid big ruffles over most of your body, especially on the bodice area. A-line cut works best accompanied by a small bow or ribbon to affix on the dress. One side shouldered beaded dress would make you center of the eyes at a prom. Overlapping designs on the dress with lopsided neckline would grab the attention from the waist and would accentuate your curves. See how easy it is to look fashionable in plus size party dresses. Now get the party started!Also, we give you more drawings from this article of Style Guide For Teen Girls: Plus Size Party Dresses like Colorfull Summer Dresses For Juniors image, Amazing Long Dresses For Prom image, Navy Blue Cocktail Dresses For Plus Size Women image, New Years Eve Cocktail Dress Embellished image, Velvet Dresses Glamorous Blue image, and other. We hope you will be more imaginative in your next and get satiation from it. So, be sure to view all galleries we submit.

  • When shopping for plus size wedding dresses, you might want to know the different things that you should keep an eye out for. After all, you wouldn’t want to simply end up going for any old dress without being fully aware of what it is that you are supposed to be looking out for.Discount Unique round neck A-line Sleeveless Beaded evening/prom dresses This can be a little tricky, if you don’t know the different things that you should be looking out for when ordering the right dress. Since your wedding is going to be something that will only happen once in your lifetime, you shouldn’t take choosing the dress for granted, right?!

    If you want to have a memorable wedding day without having to spend a lot of money, it is imperative that you consider what is need in choosing the right wedding dress. You will always need to consider the size of the dress.A wedding dress or wedding gown is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. Color, style and ceremonial importance of the gownWholesale Cheap Tulle sweatheart cocktail evening prom dresses CT5111 Just because a wedding dress is in your size, doesn’t mean that it will be a perfect fit. This is equally true of choosing a plus size wedding dress.

    Don’t just look at one source. Make sure that you check out different sources such as local stores and online stores. This ensures that you are giving yourself more options to choose from. Since there are so many different plus size wedding dresses available, it makes a lot of sense to consider the difference sources available at your disposal. Browse through these catalogs to check out if there are certain dress designs that stand out from the crowd. Based on this, you can determine whether or not this is something that you would consider.

    Finally,Wholesale Cheap Ruched Chiffon V-neck A-Line Short Bridesmaid Dresses consider stores that your mom might not have visited when she was getting married. If you are wondering which ones these are, they are the ones that are on the internet now! Many online stores specialize in plus size wedding dresses, which is why they are worth visiting. You should consider this method as you often get a good deal in the process. Don’t simply jump the gun and order from the first site that you come across as there are a lot of online stores to choose from. Take your time and go through the different online stores so that you are able to accurately determine the exact dress that you want and the right supplier. It is important to choose a supplier that is reputable one.

  • Winter is around the corner and it is time to pack the summer wears and put them back on the shelves at least for the coming few months. There is a huge difference between summer dressing and winter dressing. It is needless to mention that during winter the chill of the weather plays a very important role in the dressing behavior of the people. Moreover, this is a festive season. Christmas followed by New Year celebrations registers unbound celebration all over the world. The upcoming trends in winter fashion this year is quite different from all the previous years. While in the past few years, the emphasis has been mostly on heavy layered clothing made for the purpose of protecting your body from the winter chill, this year sporting a sleek look is what really matters. As a result, only a handful of the designer dresses are in vogue this winter.Wholesale Cheap New Arrival Strapless With Flower and Ribbon Tulle A-line Wedding Dress Wedding PartySweaters made of a blend of cashmere and silk is the toast of the season. These sweaters are warm as well as fashionable which makes them a perfect choice among fashionable winter wears. As these sweaters have cashmere as its base material, the overall feel is soft and the person wearing it can experience optimum level of comfort. The presence of silk in the sweater makes it a perfect party wear. Top quality silk is used in these sweaters in order to improve their quality as well as make them an ideal choice for those who prefer to have fashionable and qualitatively impeccable products.

    Curved hem blazers are in vogue nowadays and this winter they are likely to be on top of the fashion charts. These blazers are perfect both as a formal as well as an informal wear.A wedding dress for wedding gown is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony.Discount 2014 New Arrivals Dresses for sale The unique design and cut makes them a personal favorite of fasionistas the world over.Fashion information trend forecast report news service for the apparel & accessory design and style industry.Discount White sheath One Shoulder Crystal beaded chiffon Evening/Prom Dress The blazer features a single button in the front and can be worn with skirts as well as trousers. Another important feature of these blazers is their color. Most of the blazers are brightly colored and are provided with an inner silk lining that enhances their beauty to a large extent.It may seem a bit off track but leather skirts are also showing promise in terms of acceptance and usability in the fashion world. Leather jackets have enjoyed a cult status for decades and now it’s time for the leather skirts to step in. Most of these designer skirts are made from quality leather that lasts for a long time no matter how frequently they are used. Just like the leather jackets they also add a dashing look to the person wearing them and are perfect for evening hangouts and late night parties. To top it, these highly fashionable dresses are made of soft imported leather and can double up as a body warmer during extreme chill.The best way to grab one of these trendy winter wears is to go online shopping. There are multitudes of online stores offering these products for sale and as a buyer you can easily take a pick after going through their catalogues.

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    Pinup dresses and pinup swimwear have been the magical dresses since years. These are considered as the best vintage style dresses. They are known as vintage dresses because they are being popular since 1910. But by 1960 the craze of the pinup dresses came down.Find your dream wedding gown in large selection of beautiful wedding dresses! Let dress everyone in your bridal party for your big day.Wholesale Cheap Evening Dresses Online The famous during this time was the pin up girls posters and calendars which were not only tempting and alluring but were the life of the comrades fighting.

    The posters of girls wearing these vintage style dresses, were seen in the cock pits of the air planes. Slowly the trend went off and later on was even banned. But few decades back when girls saw Marilyn Monroe, wearing these dresses they just wanted to be the second Marilyn Monroe. The feminine beauty, never goes and if groomed comes back more alluringly, and in much more tempting way actually. A woman always wants to look stunning for her couple and society too. The best way to rediscover oneself as a woman is to groom oneself in front of the mirror, wear the best apparel and a matching but sober make up.Discount Sexy Lace Sweetheart Beaded Crystal A-line Long Evening/Prom Dresses Today’s generation also loves to wear fashionable stuff which makes them look beautiful and modern too. The pinup dresses are the best and the most preferred these days. If you really have a well crafted figure, than getting oneself photographed wearing a pinup swimwear, will get you the posters which will make you the center of attraction. Just wear these dresses with confidence and attitude and you can actually rock the show and be an apple of an eye for everyone.

    So if you want to have a retro look or want to look modern. This is the most ultra modern and the most appreciable style. So just carry your dress in style and get the turning heads throughout the time. All the men will desire to be yours and the women would just fascinate to look like you. So this beach party, wear these vintage style dresses on the beach party being the glamour of the party. This hot trend is back again, go through the online shop stores and get Wholesale Cheap Party Dresses Onlineyourself the most awesome pinup dresses, and pinup swimwear. So hit the beach party and startle everyone, with these dresses.Top quality cheap prom dress,cheap wedding Dress at wholesale price.Save Up to 80% on quality bridal gowns,Your first choice for cheap dress shopping.

  • All women want to look pretty and feel wonderful by adapting the latest jewellery trends. It is your right to be aware of the latest pearl jewellery trends, which is being followed most of the time, so that you do not look old fashioned. We are here to inform about the current jewellery trends in the latest fashion industry. Clothing trends are changing each day, thus women find it hard to choose which pearls and jewellery to select from a wide range of collection.Now you do not need to scratch your head and worry about which pearl jewellery to buy, in case you need to attend a party or a formal dinner, as over here we have the latest pearls and jewellery lined up for you:If you want a unique and a different look in a low budget, then homemade jewellery is perfect for you. Women of all class can easily afford the homemade jewellery, as they are famous for being the cheapest pearls and jewellery. These are really in nowadays, and look funky. We would personally recommend you to purchase the homemade pearl bracelets,The latest looks, from the most fashionable runways, as seen on your favorite celebrities and tastemakers.Discount Ball gown wedding dresses for sale which can be worn whenever you go out, be it, the market, parties, you name it!

    If you wish to look more mature than gorgeous, then stone and pearl jewellery is definitely the one to go for; the reason being that it exhibits an elegant look. Furthermore, the colours of the pearls and jewellery do not fade away. The stone and pearls jewelleries are available in a variety of colours, which can be worn at formal occasions, such as, weddings and other gatherings. They all have a variation in the price, but are affordable, and the best part is that they are trendy at the same time.The bright along with sunny colours are a perfect combo to make you the centre of attention in a large crowd.Discount Stunning Column Beaded Sweetheart Lace-up Evening Prom Dresses The deep colour pearl jewelleries are extremely funky and you do not have to spend much time to match them with your outfits. You should wear whatever you feel comfortable in, and forget about the world, judging your appearance.This year, the floral designs have become common on outfits and jewelleries, and they give a decent and a fancy look. The jewellery fits perfectly on the eastern as well as the western dresses. The pearls and jewellery designers are keen to design the flower-designed jewellery by making the use of the gorgeous beads, stones and pearls.The vintage and the antique pearl jewellery never go out of demand,Wholesale Cheap New Arrival Strapless Sweetheart Satin and Tulle Applique Ball Gown Wedding Dress and you will see them on almost every fashionable woman’s body. The ancient or antique jewellery gives a rare, genuine and prominent aesthetic appearance, which is why most women are purchasing them over gold jewelleries. Not only that, but they also have various designs and are available at an affordable price. They also look great on all outfits.

  • The search for a great Cocktail gown or a stylish trendy dress ends here. The Karen Millen range of dresses consists of apparels, right from a prom dress to a cocktail gown or even a formal suit. Even Wedding dresses can be found here.The cocktail gown is usually stylish and dim in colour that gives an extravagant look to the wearer. The pattern is simply a pleated gown at the bottom, a slender waist line that is terrific and body fitting. The top portion is either sleeveless or with frilled sleeves as per the choice. The colours called as English colours sustain the feedback from the manufacturers.How to wear this season’s hottest AW13 fashion trends from Red Online and all the advice you need to pull off the latest looks.Discount Mermaid wedding dresses for sale The pattern is extremely stylish. The zip details reflect the double fabric attire that defines the designer in every possible way. The ladies dresses go with the curves of her body and exact structure fitting which gives a feeling as if the designer has expected the measurements of the body and got it done. The metallic decorations are purely Karen work which is the hallmark of the designer.

    The light weight fabric is the ideal pick for summer but one should be careful that it does not look dull or drab. So before starting a shopping spree,Wholesale Cheap Sexy chiffon strapless beaded Beach Evening/Prom Dresses setup a budget for your shopping.Tulle satin stapless applique A-line wedding dresses party dress Shopping on credit is the last thing that one will prefer.For a wedding occasion, the Karen Miller outlet offers lehenga for the bride and an awesome dress or saree with embroidered pallu for the bride’s mother.Karen Miller sale or the Karen Millen Dress 2011 that was displayed in the Fashion week in the US was an instant hit amongst the fashion designers. There was high demand for all the dresses especially the Karen Millen coat that gave a formal appearance for meetings was more than welcome. As the world emerges out from the Economic slowdown, people are back to the high end budgets for shopping for dresses. There is no looking back for women when they get to shop a number of dresses at one place right from a traditional kurti to a trendy prom dress, that too all at one place which is none other than a Karen Millen USA outlet. The Women’s dresses by this designer have time and again been the core aspect of shopping purpose for many women across the globe. The very look of the dress can make one identify that it comes from the Karen Millen. Do we need to say anything else here??

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    We live in a world where everything is new – is well forgotten old. Whatever it was, and that would not come up in a new fashion, in fact it’s original interpretation of retro styles and details.Someone long ago, before we have already attempted to present it to the world. You probably throw up their hands, not worth it! It all depends on how to present their own new idea.Tulle sweatheart beaded wedding dresses HS56235 This will determine whether the idea of failure or become extremely successful. This is what happened to the idea of ??multi-tiered rings represented in the collection of Chanel. Yes, you’ve already seen this idea before, but now it is a new fashion trend.The collection was presented Chanel is definitely a new trend – stacked rings have become a real hit of the season. Rings on the fingertips and stacked rings adorned images Fall 2013. Now most of the fashionistas of the world in search of its original model shiny rings.Designer Karl Lagerfeld did not think about the intricate designs and creative forms, and made a bid for simplicity. The brand name was assumed as the main accent decorations. Despite the lack of trim parts, shiny pebbles themselves look amazing. Chanel suggests wearing several rings on all fingers at the same time, but not every girl is ready to spend a fortune on such an abundance of jewelry. In addition, only a couple of rings in the daytime image looks quite impressive and at the same time practical for daily activities.

    Stacked rings from Chanel seem sufficiently practical to wear. Pay attention to the girl with the phone on the photo. Her hands decorated with several rings and while it surely makes a gadget. Also with multistoried rings can apply makeup and perform other odd jobs.Discount White satin sweatheart applique floor length wedding/party dress Based on this,Tulle Sweetheart Beaded Flower A-Line Chapel Train Applique Wedding Dress we can safely try new trend, even if you have previously doubted its practicality.Rings on the phalanx and fingertips perfectly with any attire wardrobe regardless of the style and color.This colorful accessory will complement both classic and more daring outfit. If you are decorating a plurality of arms rings, do not wear other accessories to do heavy image. Especially for bracelets. Your hands and so will be in the spotlight. Be creative, and the sense of taste helps you to easily stylize trend.Stacked rings from Chanel quickly became must-have accessory and decorated wardrobes leading fashionistas of the world. Same accessories were presented in other brands, so if you were excited about the storied rings decorate their own hands, do not delay the purchase for a long time. Lift your spirits bright accessory and experiment with new images.

  • Last winter, during what the dramatic personae of the gossip columns call “the season,” more cocktail parties, tented bashes and grand balls were flung than at any time since the frolicsome fifties. The sociologists frowned. Is it a fiddling while Rome burns syndrome? A final convulsion of the decaying corpse of empire situation? An assertion of independence from the austerity-preaching mother figure?It could just be a fevered reaction to the realisation that life in the eighties is dull and likely to get ever duller. So glamour must be worked at and revelled in. Scarcity makes anything more precious. Just as in times of high unemployment and general insecurity, dress becomes more conservative and conformist by day (the common instinct is to look employable, dependable) so, in contrast, evening wear becomes more glamorous. Men begin to wear dashing formal evening dress; women start to indulge their previously stifled delight in rich fabrics, frills and furbelows, glitter and gloss. Tomorrow is another, tougher, day.There is no better place for a woman to buy a party frock - or party jumpsuit, T-shirt, trousers, blouse or skirt - than in this country. For years our designers have enjoyed a reputation throughout the world for producing the best evening wear at all levels of the market from C&A up to the dream king, Bill Gibb. In between there are, to name but a few, Strawberry Studio’s young and mischievous confections; Zandra Rhodes’s works of art in fabric and embroidery; romantic clothes from Marisa Martin and Christina Stambolian; taffeta extravagances from Murray Arbeid; inexpensive glitter-threaded cottons and silks from Monsoon and Adini.

    And there’s Bruce Oldfield,Wedding dress round ups and real weddings featuring brides in real dresses on their wedding day.Discount Evening Dresses for sale Ossie Clark, Roland Klein, Janice Wainwright,White satin sweatheart Beaded Applique a-line wedding dresses Belville Sassoon, Benny Ong, Howard Tangye, Juliet Dunn, Jeff Banks for Warehouse, Anthony Price and many more.It is possible, however, to spend a fruitless day scouring the shops for something within your budget which reflects the existence of this riot of creative talent. Most of the high street stores and shop chains seem to be recycling last winter’s evening wear. Their customers are faced with a depressing choice between shoddy jumpsuits in metallic fabric and skimpily-cut, badly designed and boring little dresses in too-thin,Get all of your fashion news, videos, and pics including info about shoes, bags, dresses and all of the latest styles!Wholesale Cheap A-line wedding dresses Online clinging synthetic jersey.Accessories, too, are important. There are lots of inexpensive gold chains, earrings, bangles, belts, and bags in the fashion stores, but, convinced by the latest statistics from De Beers, we abandoned costume jewellery in favour of some real sparklers - and started to understand what Ms Monroe was on about.It seems that 80 percent of women who get married still plight their troth with a diamond ring; that a steadily increasing number owns diamond brooches, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and (a rocketing percentage) earstuds; that many women buy their own diamonds. Diamonds are not necessarily a good investment. They keep their value in times of inflation but only special stones actually appreciate - and staggering insurance premiums take all the fun out of owning those.But then another thing we tend to do in times of insecurity is take fewer risks by converting our assets into commodities which will always have a value and which we can carry with us when we decamp. The gem market boomed in the perilous thirties; everyone danced their feet off, too.

  • Although it is not a new topic, sustainability rules applied to fashion still cause many controversies and misunderstandings. The main problem is the very nature of fashion, which is all about the constantly changing trends, the need to purchase new goods every season and the application of luxurious, but not necessarily eco-friendly fabrics and methods to manufacture fashion goods. Sustainability, on the other hand,Professional wedding dress shop,fashion styles of wedding dresses and gowns, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses and accessories.Wholesale Cheap Prom Dresses Online demands that all goods are used in moderation, especially the non-renewable natural resources, to save the best of our world for the generations to come. Can these two extremities meet somewhere in the middle? What can you do to support sustainable fashion?This might not be an easy thing for the beginners, but a good way to support sustainable fashion is to choose environmentally friendly fabrics. Some background in fabrics and the way they are made will be required here. You will quickly learn that not everything that is “natural” is also “eco-friendly”. Think of sustainable fabrics as of organic food – you need to look for those fabrics, which are not only created from natural ingredients, but were manufactured in a sustainable way, without a direct, negative impact on the environment.Get the scoop on the hottest fashion trends. See the latest fashion shows from your favorite designers and browse the hottest new.Wholesale Cheap Sheath wedding dresses Online Good examples of environmentally friendly fabrics are wild or soy silk, jute, hemp and fabrics created from recycled materials.

    The easiest way to support sustainable fashion is to not get too crazy over trends. If you have a tendency to buy too many clothes, because you feel that you need to keep track of what’s in vogue, you probably also end up buying garments, which you use rarely or never and which will sooner or later end up on a waste dump. When you shop for new outfits choose classic apparels, which never go out of style. If buying new stuff is almost an addiction you cannot control then at least make sure that all these garments, which you no longer use go to people, who might need them. Resell them or give them away to your friends, family or thrift shops.The goal of sustainable fashion is not only to leave less human imprint on the environment,The latest daily celebrity red carpet and street style fashion trends. What they’re wearing and where to get it.Discount Flower girl dresses for sale but to also supports fair prices for products manufactured according to fair rules. Instead of buying fashion goods made by line workers in factories, choose designer items and handmade products created by local artists and artisans. These clothes and accessories cost much less than high fashion items and are manufactured in ethical way. A good place to start looking for handmade designer products is EliteCouturier.com, a website created to promote promising artists and artisans, as well as eco-friendly small fashion brands. If you would like to include a few high fashion items in your wardrobe follow designers, who are committed to fair trade, use recycled materials and support sustainable fashion. To find more information on such brands and designers check organizations known for their dedication to sustainability and protection of the environment, such as People Tree.