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    Accessories have become more and more popular and important in fashion industry. From season to season, time went by, everything will be change and fashion trends or accessories’ trend are not exceptive. Ever season will have unique trends of shoes, jewelry, and bags. Fall and winter are nearly coming, let’s have a look at Top 10 Must Have Accessories for Fall-Winter 2013-2014 for women and then take one of the hottest items when the winter comes.The latest trend of this season is contrastive colored accessories; especially items are in white and black. Clutches bag are still in fashion and trendy so let’s pick e white & black one. In the past, we only use clutches for some special celebration because we think they are suitable and elegant. Today, however, you hold your clutch on your hand whenever you want because clutches have a lot of different sizes and styles. Check out these glamorous white &black clutches and the take one that best suitable for you.Many designers used velvet as the main material for their products especially shoes at the fashion weeks for fall-winter 2013-2014. If you wear a pair of velvet shoes, even menswear, you will be more stylish and feminine. A wide range of velvet includes purple, emerald green, crimson and indigo blue. If you are challenging, you should pick animal print velvet shoes, if not, pick a hit of the season-jeweled heels. Here I introduce some typical shoes.The golden necklaces have big influence in this season. They appear in most of accessories collection for new season fall-winter. The smart choice is chunky golden ones, but if you like, you can choose a necklace with medieval style embellished with gemstones. Some other necklaces showing peace, love or mommy are trends of season.

    Leather leggings with ankle boots, High boots over knees, Wide range of thigh boots, Black thigh boots never out-up-date.Thigh high boots are the hottest trend and designers want to find a way to create a false look to make this trend more wearable. You will be attractive in the ankle booties with leather leggings. If you do not like this style, you can choose other ones that are over your knees.If you do not have any fur items in your wardrobe, you should pick one. How about an elegant fur bag! Let’s choose your favorite color and style and then turn it into your fur friend. Here are some fashionable fur bags:Chandelier earrings were the favorite items at the fashion weeks.We offer Wholesale Cheap Taffeta Strapless Applique Beaded A-Line Wedding Dress and gowns in a large range of sizes and colors. Medieval look and earrings with Byzantines crosses are the main styles of Dolce & Gabbana. Balmain and Ralph Lauren created classical ones with crystal elements. You should have at least one pair of chandelier earring to mix with your dresses or maxim in new season.Large selections of men shoes styles, Ideal shoes for fashionable girls, Red shoes with metal, Black shoes with pins.I have created beautiful Tulle round neck beaded applique wedding dresses HS56238 for hundreds of brides and grooms.Another trendy item for fall-winter 2013-2014 is men shoes.Have you been searching for the perfect Wholesale Cheap Taffeta Beaded High Halter Layered Tulle Flowers Crystal Sexy A-line Wedding Dresses? This is a latest trend for women’s shoes. With this type of shoes, you also can be more feminine if you pair it with lovely dresses or skirts. Do not mix as overall men look. You can choose shoes in bold or pastel colored.Geometric bracelet will be in vogue for next fall-winter season and you can find them on shoes, bags, jewelry, and clothes. The geometric bracelet will help you to be more dynamic. I offer a lot of bracelets as below such as black white, crimson red, gold, pastels, indigo blue, purple and emerald green.Another attention should be paid for ankle boots-new trend of autumn-winter 2013-2014. We can see the popularity of the gray ones and there are 50 different shades of gray boots showed in the fashion weeks. This is a new trend son you should get a pair of grey ankle boots. You can mix it with many styles of clothes.May be it is unbelievable but backpacks have gone high fashion in recent years. It seems that they appear in every collection of many designers. We no longer use them for hiking, gym or picnic; we use them anywhere and anytime. More importantly, backpack is the IT item for fall-winter 2013-2014 so you should consider carefully. Here is some offer….In this article, I offer you top ten accessories items that you should have for upcoming season fall-winter 2013-2014. Your outfits will be best supplemented by these trendy items and they will help you to attract attention from other people. Let’s pick at least one suitable item for you to dress up yourself in new season.

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    Leather fashion is on peak. Style setters are seen wearing leather made garments in high society parties, fashion parades, posh localities, doing catwalks and on high streets for numerous reasons. However, the way we are using it, has changed drastically. From just having accessories made out of leather, it has become a must-have to own a leather-made dress, skirt, boots, purses or jackets.Buying cheap and cute Wholesale Cheap Noble Satin sweatheart applique beaded wedding dresses HS56243 on Ericdress will make you save 40%.The magazines are encrusted depicting the love for leather. Whether it is the hedonic pleasure, functional pleasure or the utilitarian pleasure that is derived out of it is still a question. Leather has always been a staple for fashion. However, the current generation has moved to usage of leather in every practical fashion accessory and clothing.It is no longer about having leather just to keep you warm and protect you from winter. Fashionable leather jackets have been the talk of the catwalks. The trend is not just for women,If you are woman with long legs than you should get a blue and turquoise lily embellished body con that Taffeta Strapless Chapel Train Ruffles Applique Beaded Ball Gown Wedding Dress one shoulder of yours bare. but also for men; leather with fur or color adds to the overall fashion appeal of the attire.

    Leather bottoms, be it leather pants or leather skirts, are a must in every girl’swardrobe these days. Leather boots can be one of the bestadditions to one’s style statement. Paneling is a new style of patching of material to create a beautiful aesthetic appeal. It gives a sense of softness and luxury.Dressing up from top to toe in leather gives a very gothic appearance. During the winter catwalks, the leather jackets have been revived as fashion apparel. Pleather, the plastic leather, is the kind of leather, which you can buy at great prices without burning a hole in your pockets. These can be bought inwide range of exciting colors.Light colored,Our unique Wholesale Cheap Organza Lace Off the shoulder Sexy Beaded Crystal Sheath Wedding Dress are very affordable and come in ivory, white, black, skin-like texture of a leather boot gives the ultimate barefoot feeling while dancing or dressing up for a theme. The texture can be built in to look like the perfect image of the skin of an animal, snake etc.Slits leather can be used in summers also to give a very cool appearance.

    Many such options are available online. One can easily visit such stores to buy these products. Gipsy Dharma is an online platform that offers amazing deals on various products made of leather; these include garments like skirts and footwear like boots. Boots sold on Gipsy Dharma are made to reflect the perfect image, and they are available in various colors. These products are offered in reasonable range and can be purchased. It helps you choose from a wide array of products. It will also help you save a lot of time and provides monetary benefits in terms of search cost associated with buying through brick and mortar stores.In the fashion world, leather has come a long way, and the demand for leather apparels and accessories is only going higher with each passing day. Leather is being treated by designers as a fabric, and they have begun to experiment with dyes and texture, cutting it into shapes and designing it along with other fabric.So, if you want to keep pace with the latest trends, you ought to have some of the cool leather apparels in your closet!Author Bio: Juliana Bergina is the author of the above guest post. She frequently writes fashion articles for various fashion blogs, giving fashion tips to women.