• The argument for keeping women’s fashion shows and men’s fashion shows separate makes incontrovertible sense if you are a retailer. After all, women and men shop on different floors of department stores, where they browse apparel ordered in by different buying teams.At the shows, these buying teams have travelled to see clothes designed for either women or men – but never for both. Equally, teams from GQ magazines do not particularly want to see high heels at the shows – while the only man in a suit Vogue editors care to be confronted with is their chauffeur.So when two consecutive fashion shows here in Milan – first Prada and then Moncler Gamme Bleu – mixed womenswear looks amongst the men’s, some watchers shifted wearily in their seats. There were audible sighs – and not of delight. Personally I loved it. Because however diverting it is to observe the shifts and eddies at the highest level of men’s clothing design, it is sometimes possible to see too many brogues and luxury tracksuit trousers to remain on the edge of your bench.At Prada, looks from an unofficial pre-fall women’s collection were sprinkled amongst the mainline autumn winter 2014 menswear collection. A section of long, furry quilted gilets, fur coats and Western tailoring apart, the boys mostly wore light and loose trousers with military flashes, old-school Prada Sport trainers, and loosely cut jackets. The colour scheme was Miuccia Prada’s favourite counter-intuitive palette of mustards, browns,A Wholesale Cheap Cocktail dresses Online or cocktail gown is a woman’s dress worn at cocktail parties and semi-formal, or “black tie” occasions. burgundy and greens. Alongside them,A Wholesale Cheap Ball gown wedding dresses Online or wedding gown is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony the girls in similarly coloured loose knee length leather dresses, Afghan shaggy super-gilets, off-the-shoulder three-piece knit combinations and deadly high heels looked very good indeed.

    The collections were connected by far more than the skinny scarves every model had looped asymmetrically around their necks.For a party girl, once the egg nog begins to run out White satin sweatheart applique floor length wedding dress Each gender’s clothing lent the other’s a dynamising different context – and not just Is She Really Going Out With Him? At Moncler Gamme Bleu, Thom Browne showed women’s clothes for the first time in what was formerly this brand’s staunchly men-only conceptual fashion line.Frankly, many of these looks were so out there as to be gender-irrelevant anyway. Yes, some of the females wore dresses – one particular quilted full-length in pink wool, green tweed, and darker green corduroy was princess-insulation – and the males tended to wear trousers, or plus fours (the show was set in a golf clubhouse library).As they swanned around this fake library to readings of Herrick and Shakespeare love sonnets, Browne’s mega-silhouette, argyle-overload designs didn’t ever make compelling sense as a collection of clothes to buy and wear every day – but they worked dreamily as an extravagant fashionese installation designed to further Moncler’s brand identity. At the women’s Gamme Rouge show at the Paris ready to wear shows in March, Giambattista Valli will apparently be showing men’s looks too – so that’s something for the exclusively womenswear buyers and editors to look forward to.It’s an open secret that fashion shows aren’t chiefly about selling clothes, but instead define an aesthetic line for the season ahead. They are selling tools for big, industrial businesses dressed up to emphasise the artistry of the product designers. For those brands that do sell to both men and women, and are able make products that aren’t repellant to the opposite sex, it makes sense to lift fashion’s gender divide as Prada and Moncler did in Milan this week.

  • In today’s world almost every woman has a number of social roles: she is an employee of the company, lovely woman, a caring mother, etc. and each role corresponds to your individual style, that unique image, which is formed from small things. Such seemingly small things like accessories, are in fact the basis of any image they create the mood, ambience, nature, without which the formation of individual image is simply impossible.And yet another version of fashion glasses – glasses with transparent (Ralph Lauren), semi-transparent (Miu Miu) and mirrored (Roberto Cavalli) glasses. Such models are suitable for those who wants to look extraordinary, but at the same time avoiding the absurdity, which often appears where it comes to unusual glasses. And by the way, colored glass in the season of spring-summer 2014 will be much less popular than in previous seasons of summer, so the points acquired last summer, will have to leave until better times.As they say stylists to learn the age of the woman, the look on her arms and neck. Highlight the beautiful skin of the neck and decollete zone will help stylish accessories.Notice the original necklaces, made in the form of Jack, who offered brands of Chanel and Altuzarra. Impressive pendants, presented by fashion house Valentino, made in the form of signs and highly strung on a gold chain, several times wrapped around his neck. Pendants in the form of the logo of its brand – jellyfish Rondanini presented the designers of the Italian brand Versace.

    Beads and necklaces not less popular than pendants, especially if they are massive and are the Central focus of the image. A lover of natural stones like beads from Giorgio Armani. Spectacular decoration evening dresses will necklaces of glass beads from Rochas.Massive heavy necklace, made in the form of weaving from Balmain will make the image more refined and delicate, and necklaces made of stars (Dries Van Noten) and geometry (Lanvin) will not allow you to go unnoticed on any social event.With regard to fashion bracelets, i.e. a definite answer – bracelet should be large, heavy, broad. Or they should be much to create the effect described above. Put at least three bracelet average thickness or one very wide to fit in the framework of the fashion trends of the season spring-summer 2014. A great option – bracelets made of plastic. They are great for light dresses, and thanks to its variegated colours, will make your image more vivid and enjoyable truly years. The most interesting models are found in the collections of the spring-summer 2014 from Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Derek Lam, Giorgio Armani, Nina Ricci, Ralph Lauren.Earrings in the new season should be primarily a round shape, large, attracting attention. Surprising fact that the earrings in the form of flat round disks,The dresses come in various shades like red, blue, pink, orange and more Tulle one shoulder A-line beaded flower wedding dresses. as they were presented by fashion house Giorgio Armani, are able to simulate the face oval, visually hide the defects, make facial features more accurate and clear. Beautiful earrings in the form of rings decorated Dolce & Gabbana will love the romantic and exalted personages,When reached for comment,Wholesale Cheap Flower girl dresses Online an official for the State Department declined to discuss Shinwary’s case but said in a statement. and round clip from Ralph Lauren will create a more strict business image.This spring-summer season are leading a very wide straps and belts of medium width. It is quite surprising that in the last season at the peak of popularity were thin straps,Her handbag empire has risen Discount A-line Strapless Chiffon Short/Mini White Flowers Evening Prom Dresses Party Dress and now they are almost never found in any collection. Highlight the beauty of the female figure wide belt from Dolce & Gabbana, made in the form of standing in a row medallions depicting antique profiles. Many women will be crazy belts from the collection Emilio Pucci, decorated large elements in the form of eagles.