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    A Nordic fashion battle is brewing after a Swedish designer accused retail powerhouse H&M of plagiarizing and profiting from one of her creations. She won an apology from the company after taking to Instagram and then emailing the CEO.Camilla Lundsten created a children’s book series about Littlephant, a popcorn-loving, bike-cruising red elephant.Shop from our wide selection of beautiful, vintage style designer Discount Wedding dresses for sale and modern wedding creations to make your day extra special. Last year collaborated with a smaller Swedish retailer – Lindex – to create a clothing collection based on her characters.In late November,“On Friday I went into H&M’s online store and discovered a dress with a rabbit peeking out of the pocket with accompanying harlequin tights,” Lundsten said in an interview nearly a week after her discovery. “I looked at H&M online stores in other countries and saw the same collection.”She then went to work trying to get the H&M collection pulled from the racks.This is the second time over the past six months big Nordic fashion names have drawn copycat allegations.In May, Finland’s iconic Marimekko design house and fashion retailer was taken to task after one of its newer designs too closely resembled work done by a Ukrainian artist in the 1960s. Marimekko, in fact, allowed Finnair to paint the design on an aircraft as part of a series of collaborations between the fashion company and the airline.Finnair ended up removing the design from the plane, the designer apologized and Marimekko later ended its relationship with her.Lundsten said she has managed to succeed in getting H&M to pull the clothing that she says closely mirrors her own. But it took some work.

    The Instagram post received about 1,400 likes in a couple of hours.After her Instagram post, she went to a physical H&M store and found the same baby clothes there. She also tried to call H&M Monday, but was bounced around without getting to speak anybody and was finally advised to send a message to the company’s general requests email address.So, Lundsten decided to go to the top.“Finally I got a hold of CEO Karl-Johan Persson’s email address and mailed him and others at the company. “Meanwhile, her allegations started getting traction in Swedish media and became a hot topic in the tabloids and on Swedish television.“They apologized and said that the inspiration had come too close to the original.but for a young lady in the prime of her life Tulle v-neck applique floor length ball gown wedding/party dress And they said they’d withdraw the collection immediately.”“It’s not that we ignored her for days and days, as some media have written. Her message didn’t reach the right people” Emilsson-Falk said. “We got in touch with her [Ms. Lundsten] on the same day that we learned of this.”According to Emilsson-Falk it takes about 24 hours for all clothing items to be removed from its network of store, “So by now, they should all have been withdrawn,” she said.Lundsten, however, says H&M may more her more than an apology and withdrawal of the clothing.“They’ve been selling this collection for a month,Outfits at Fresno-area stores run the gamut of styles Bridesmaid Dresses I’m sure they’ve made good money on this,” she said. “I you take somebody’s design, especially a small designer like myself you’re supposed to get royalties.”Lundsten, said protection for pattern design in the European U is not good “and I hope this case can lift the debate. …you have to have a debate of what is ethically okay (and) where you draw the line between inspiration and plagiarism. At what point does inspiration become plagiarism?”

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    This time we will share about Style Guide For Teen Girls: Plus Size Party Dresses for you, I think this is an enchanting background inspiration with great inspiration so you will obtain some new ideas for your hairstyles. You can also apply those ideas quickly by seeing these drawings, the particular elements of each design can be used for your necessities.Young people always love gathering, meeting some people, have nice conversation, dancing, eat delicious food, and have fun. That is why party is very popular among teens. Call it: homecoming party, prom-night party, birthday party,In the past few months, many of our gowns have won warm praise from international customers Wholesale Cheap Homecoming Dresses Online.a senior spokesman for the company says Wholesale Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses Online. or even some random get-together party at one’s house. Not only party, bullying is also popular among youngsters.Customers can now search for their dream dresses in our website Wholesale Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses Online. The simplest is verbal bullying, especially against the chubby ones. This is undeniably one factor that makes the chubby girls prefer staying at their homes instead of joining the fun. Hey, girls, no need to hide. There are a bunch of plus size party dresses out there. Pick up the right one, and you will look amazing in any party!One of the keys to looking great in plus size party dresses is finding dresses that flatter your best features and fit you perfectly. Teenage parties are not formal occasions, so prefer the short dresses to go. You should have the courage to sport all kinds of dresses, like a strapless dress which might sound ridiculous for you thinking that it’s only meant for slim figure. You can go for chiffon fabric for it will be a good choice. You can also opt for an empire waistline with crisscross motifs on it.

    If you’re still hesitating to do experiment in color, a dark-colored off-shoulder dress with tea length along with an empire waist would look just fabulous on you. Remember to avoid big ruffles over most of your body, especially on the bodice area. A-line cut works best accompanied by a small bow or ribbon to affix on the dress. One side shouldered beaded dress would make you center of the eyes at a prom. Overlapping designs on the dress with lopsided neckline would grab the attention from the waist and would accentuate your curves. See how easy it is to look fashionable in plus size party dresses. Now get the party started!Also, we give you more drawings from this article of Style Guide For Teen Girls: Plus Size Party Dresses like Colorfull Summer Dresses For Juniors image, Amazing Long Dresses For Prom image, Navy Blue Cocktail Dresses For Plus Size Women image, New Years Eve Cocktail Dress Embellished image, Velvet Dresses Glamorous Blue image, and other. We hope you will be more imaginative in your next and get satiation from it. So, be sure to view all galleries we submit.

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    Pinup dresses and pinup swimwear have been the magical dresses since years. These are considered as the best vintage style dresses. They are known as vintage dresses because they are being popular since 1910. But by 1960 the craze of the pinup dresses came down.Find your dream wedding gown in large selection of beautiful wedding dresses! Let dress everyone in your bridal party for your big day.Wholesale Cheap Evening Dresses Online The famous during this time was the pin up girls posters and calendars which were not only tempting and alluring but were the life of the comrades fighting.

    The posters of girls wearing these vintage style dresses, were seen in the cock pits of the air planes. Slowly the trend went off and later on was even banned. But few decades back when girls saw Marilyn Monroe, wearing these dresses they just wanted to be the second Marilyn Monroe. The feminine beauty, never goes and if groomed comes back more alluringly, and in much more tempting way actually. A woman always wants to look stunning for her couple and society too. The best way to rediscover oneself as a woman is to groom oneself in front of the mirror, wear the best apparel and a matching but sober make up.Discount Sexy Lace Sweetheart Beaded Crystal A-line Long Evening/Prom Dresses Today’s generation also loves to wear fashionable stuff which makes them look beautiful and modern too. The pinup dresses are the best and the most preferred these days. If you really have a well crafted figure, than getting oneself photographed wearing a pinup swimwear, will get you the posters which will make you the center of attraction. Just wear these dresses with confidence and attitude and you can actually rock the show and be an apple of an eye for everyone.

    So if you want to have a retro look or want to look modern. This is the most ultra modern and the most appreciable style. So just carry your dress in style and get the turning heads throughout the time. All the men will desire to be yours and the women would just fascinate to look like you. So this beach party, wear these vintage style dresses on the beach party being the glamour of the party. This hot trend is back again, go through the online shop stores and get Wholesale Cheap Party Dresses Onlineyourself the most awesome pinup dresses, and pinup swimwear. So hit the beach party and startle everyone, with these dresses.Top quality cheap prom dress,cheap wedding Dress at wholesale price.Save Up to 80% on quality bridal gowns,Your first choice for cheap dress shopping.

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    We live in a world where everything is new – is well forgotten old. Whatever it was, and that would not come up in a new fashion, in fact it’s original interpretation of retro styles and details.Someone long ago, before we have already attempted to present it to the world. You probably throw up their hands, not worth it! It all depends on how to present their own new idea.Tulle sweatheart beaded wedding dresses HS56235 This will determine whether the idea of failure or become extremely successful. This is what happened to the idea of ??multi-tiered rings represented in the collection of Chanel. Yes, you’ve already seen this idea before, but now it is a new fashion trend.The collection was presented Chanel is definitely a new trend – stacked rings have become a real hit of the season. Rings on the fingertips and stacked rings adorned images Fall 2013. Now most of the fashionistas of the world in search of its original model shiny rings.Designer Karl Lagerfeld did not think about the intricate designs and creative forms, and made a bid for simplicity. The brand name was assumed as the main accent decorations. Despite the lack of trim parts, shiny pebbles themselves look amazing. Chanel suggests wearing several rings on all fingers at the same time, but not every girl is ready to spend a fortune on such an abundance of jewelry. In addition, only a couple of rings in the daytime image looks quite impressive and at the same time practical for daily activities.

    Stacked rings from Chanel seem sufficiently practical to wear. Pay attention to the girl with the phone on the photo. Her hands decorated with several rings and while it surely makes a gadget. Also with multistoried rings can apply makeup and perform other odd jobs.Discount White satin sweatheart applique floor length wedding/party dress Based on this,Tulle Sweetheart Beaded Flower A-Line Chapel Train Applique Wedding Dress we can safely try new trend, even if you have previously doubted its practicality.Rings on the phalanx and fingertips perfectly with any attire wardrobe regardless of the style and color.This colorful accessory will complement both classic and more daring outfit. If you are decorating a plurality of arms rings, do not wear other accessories to do heavy image. Especially for bracelets. Your hands and so will be in the spotlight. Be creative, and the sense of taste helps you to easily stylize trend.Stacked rings from Chanel quickly became must-have accessory and decorated wardrobes leading fashionistas of the world. Same accessories were presented in other brands, so if you were excited about the storied rings decorate their own hands, do not delay the purchase for a long time. Lift your spirits bright accessory and experiment with new images.

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    For a lot of girls, prom night is the most significant function of their senior school years. It’s no exaggeration to express that you’ll recall your prom night for the rest of your life. Given its prominence during senior school and beyond, it’s important that you wear a that makes you feel and look your best.Before you even begin buying prom dresses,To begin youll have to send out invitations Consider some saucy martini leg garter for sale shaped cards that read “Girls night out. spend time considering your personal style. If you want to merge with the group, you will probably maybe not be comfortable in show-stopping scarlet contest dresses. On one other hand, if you such as the spotlight, you might want to shy from official dresses which are similar to a bridesmaid’s gown.Remember, however, that prom is a great possibility to have a step outside your comfort zone. You are probably not used to wearing night dresses, so all prom dresses will look a little dangerous to you. If you have always harbored a fantasy to be a princess, a prom dress can make you feel just like royalty. Also,However when a woman carries this handbag in her hand she skull bikini set look like a piece of artwork herself. if you have always wanted to display your internal hot alarm, handmade mixture dresses will let you dip your feet into these waters.

    Once you’ve considered your own personal style, go online to a site that focuses on prom dresses and see what’s available. You’ll likely find evening dresses by manufacturers like Sherri Hill, Jovani,This gentleman was the baggage handler at Stansted Airport Cheap Ruffled Edges Fashion Beach Dress on sale he made news around the world for making off with the sexy panties . Nightline, Faviana, and a lot more.An ideal fit for dress shirt should display a smart and savvy appearance for the manCheap Orange Retro Removable Bikini Set on salea formal event mens dress shirt should provide a ceremonial effect that suits the occasion. Spend time taking into consideration the form of dress that will make you feel good and let you shine on your own special night. This astonishing forbrugsl?n website has varied refreshing tips for when to do it. Are you confident with strapless gowns, or do straps preferred by you? Would you such as the shimmer of beading and sequins, or the rustle of tulle? Do you wish to show skin and go with a backless gown or one which shows off your tummy, or are you much more comfortable with a good bodice? Are you bold enough for a slit, or do a long dress wanted by you with a train?You could need a dress that’ll meet your needs and have a definite individual style. If you go for easy, clean lines and not just a large amount of flash you’ll probably want to go with a Niteline dress. If you’re a Goth, search for accents of deep red or pink against a background of black, and imagine the ways you can decorate with shoes, stockings, and jewellery. If your religious belief requires one to dress modestly, try to find prom dresses that often fit the bill or that may be modified to accommodate your needs.

    While you’ll truly have the ability to get the widest variety of prom dresses on line, it’s difficult to share with from a photo if a particular type will appear good on you. Dig up further on billig l?n by browsing our fresh article. It’s worth it to attend a nearby store and try on as those you have found online dresses that have similar lines, cuts, and features. If you locate a model that works especially well for you, you could order it on the web and go ahead.Remember, would be toHence, this task of making their children wear an exclusive pretty school fashion girl at every occasion has turned out to be not only expensive, but also a time-consuming process. locate a dress that reflects your particular style the very best combination you can hope, makes you feel good, and lets you have a step or two outside of your comfort zone. That way, you’re certain to create wonderful memories that may last an eternity.

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    Its combination of big-budget production, heavy rotation in the weeks before Christmas and an artist covering a well-known song in a elegiac fashion has only recently become established as a hugely influential marketing and sales opportunity for the music business. It is now effectively the UK’s less glitzy and razzamatazz version of the high-velocity music syncs that play during the Super Bowl in the US in February.Last week Lily Allen’s cover of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know was No 1 in the UK, benefitting from a multi-million pound campaign that saw John Lewis book an entire ad break during the X Factor to premiere the animated video.Rich Robinson is VP of syncs for UK and Europe at Warner Music and was responsible for placing the music in not just this year’s John Lewis ad but also in last year’s ad, featuring Gabrielle Aplin’s cover of The Power of Love. He has also secured placements this year for Wizzard (in Sainsbury’s Christmas in a Day ad series), Michael Bublé (for Iceland), Rod Stewart (for Tesco) and, most unexpectedly, Bronski Beat, whose delicate song about coming out, Smalltown Boy, is currently being used in a Boots ad.”We did that deal but the agency very much knew they wanted that track and they came to us to license it,” says Robinson of the decidedly non-festive Bronski Beat selection. “It does seem like an odd choice if you know the song and the sentiment [behind it]. But their choice was that musically as a soundbed it really works with their visuals.”

    The pitching process for the John Lewis ad is about finding an artist for a track that has been pre-selected by the department store and its advertising agency. “Every year we have worked with them they have come to us with the song already,” Robinson explains. “They have the creative idea and know the song they want to use. So it’s about the artist and getting the right sound and feel for their creative.”Sourcing the music for the John Lewis ad and other Christmas ads often happens in the summer.This will prevent that the stain sets into the fibers once this happens it is much harder to remove the stainnurse costumea shirt might be ruined. “It’s weird listening to Christmas music in August,” Robinson notes of the long lead times involved.The pitch for the John Lewis ad is open to multiple record companies, but knowing the right people can be key. “My understanding is that a lot of that work is done on a personal relationship,” says Ben Perreau, founder of Synkio, a new company that links composers, music publishers and labels with those looking to use their music and aims to streamline the sync process.That is something Robinson confirms. “Some of the smaller labels will pitch in artists and we are quite fortunate in that we have worked quite closely with them [John Lewis] before and are able to sit down with them and play them the music and make them aware of our artists,” he says.The John Lewis campaign is now the holy grail of UK ads overall – not just Christmas ones. “Companies like John Lewis and their agency have decided to create this event every year,” says Perreau.If you have finally become able to overcome your inhibition you must start looking for a women hot swim girl French maid costume. “They are landmark pieces of content in their own right. Lily Allen is relaunching her career at the moment and the first position point for that was her appearance in the John Lewis ad.”

    The competition for placing the music in this ad is fierce as it is, for Robinson, comfortably the biggest TV commercial of the year. “There is no other ad that has an ad to announce it just being on air,” he says of the enormous marketing and promotional muscle involved,This really is embellished with stylish buckle details this cheapest schoolgirl lingerie gives you a one among a kind classic sophistication and fashionable appeal on or off your workplace. and why its creation is very different to a standard ad at another point in the year.You would only be able to visit a fashion army medic nurse store that is situated in your own area or city while over the internet you can access the costumes for kids available all over the world by visiting the online stores. “Because they have had so much success, they are very conscious about getting it right so they work very hard on it. On some TV ads, the music is very last-minute. It varies hugely but often they shoot an ad and they have two days to clear the track.It doesnt matter when you are an adolescent or maybe a lady a maid or simply at elder age the like for large heels wont ever go along.hot sxy schoolgirl That happens quite frequently.”The Lily Allen track was available to download at midnight on the day the ad aired, repeating the process employed with the Aplin song in 2012. “We decide that with John Lewis,” he says of the marketing that follows the ad’s first screening.

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    The now legendary Boots ad said it all. The brilliant cut to the ghastly dead corporate room with a few male suits, jackets daringly off and a bit of tragic tinsel, about as much atmosphere as a multi-storey car park. Then along they come, the massed rank of party-ready office ladies, all ages and sizes, prinked, preened, curled and coiffed up to the max. Here come the girls…It brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it because it’s clever and empowering, and because it’s spot-on. That is the benchmark for the office Christmas party. That is how much effort you need to make.Not because, as in the days of reading 19 and Honey magazines,For instance advertisements for lipsticks offer you the opportunity of easy french maid costume wet glossy lips and making even sexier. you are hoping to cop off with the gorgeous fella you’ve seen on your way to the post room (although good luck and go for it, if that still is your agenda…), but because the office Christmas party is your chance to show them all who you really are. And you are a FOX.The office party is the exact equivalent of a school mufti day for grown-ups, when you throw off the shackles of quotidian conformity and shine like a Christmas bauble. Just don’t be the one who wears the actual baubles as earrings, nor tinsel as a witty stole. Every office has one, but – as Ant and Dec say – it’s not you.Fabrics are luxury: satin, silk and velvet. And it needs a little bit of extra va va voom that distinguishes it from a work frock.Regardless of the office party venue – a private room in a cool Shoreditch members’ club, the function suite of a four-star hotel, or the actual office – the dress code is the same: up. Dress up.

    Wear whatever makes you feel fabulous within that genre, but really this is the time for an actual party dress – and keep it short,Now is the time when everything short and sexy is in demand fashion school girl Womens costumes are no longer scary for men but they are adorable. around the knee. You won’t be able to dance embarrassingly enough in a long froA beautiful purse features iridescent silver patent leather-based particulars and cheap thong bikini sets hardware studs beg to become worn by operating ladiesck.What makes a party dress? Like the Christmas tree in the window on a dark winter night it’s all about glitter and shine, so anything with sequins is perfect. Fabrics are luxury: satin, silk and velvet.Any colour as long as it’s black, or rich (burgundy, red, bishop purple). And it needs a little bit of extra va va voom that distinguishes it from a work frock. A big bow, a feature neckline, something cheeky going on around the hem.If you can’t be bothered to enter into the perfect party dress lunchtime pursuit (which can be a large part of the fun if you embark on it with the right colleague) you can always stick on your old faithful LBD and crank it up with accessories.A sequinned – or more on-season,The skirt has widely spaced horizontal strips embroidered in white crotchless shop the black skirt and a huge white bow adorning the waistline. feather – shrug and pair of chandelier earrings can be enough to swing you into party mode. It’s the perfect time to unearth all that marvellous paste jewellery we all bought for nothing in charity shops in the 1970s,Fashion Island brings you a topless crotchless swimming costume dress made of chiffon and silk that falls to your thighs. ha ha. Bring on the bling.And there is one final rule of the office party dress code: you have to wear your silliest dancing shoes. By which I mean shoes you can hardly walk in when sober but, when lightened by a few plastic cups of cheap prosecco, you can strut in like Rihanna.

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    Whether you’re attending a formal event, a work gathering, or being swept off your feet by the man of your dreams you’ll feel more elegant and dressed up in the perfect cocktail dress.This dress shows a good deal of skin and creates an aura of sexy sophistication around you crotchless swimwear & bikinis Your best friend is getting married . Follow these tips to find the perfect cocktail dress to flatter your figure for any occasion:Begin by understanding the event you will be wearing the dress too. Different events often call for different levels of formal attire.Not only will this costume give you a chance to satisfy the rules of Halloween white g-string bikini set you will also be able to uplift your chances of finding a right date for you.Typically a cocktail dress is a semi-formal to formal dress that would be worn to an evening event. It should be designed to flatter the wearer under outdoor or indoor light in a more formal social setting.Because a cocktail dress is meant to be more formal and dressy, choose a dress made of materials such as satin, chiffon or silk.These most common materials are used for elegant dresses. Cocktail dresses for juniors as well as those for women are often made of the same materials in only slightly different designs and styles.A cocktail dress should be of appropriate length.They are available in black and red that includes a wild leather cheap school girl costume like patchwork pattern including a detachable shoulder strap.The suggested length for it is just above the knee to full length. Try on a few dresses in different lengths to find which length looks best as well as which length you feel most comfortable both wearing while walking as well as while sitting.For every woman it is important to use something to enhance her crouchless bikini appeal like a French maid outfit.As important as the hemline is the neckline of your new dress.

    From strapless to modest with full sleeves you should feel comfortable with the neckline as well as choose one that flatters your figure.The dress style and fit is probably the most important component of choosing the perfect cocktail dress. Know your body size and style and understand which dresses look the best on your figure.You will find a lot of styles available to select from, although not every dress wear will fit your shape. The important thing to locating a cocktail dress wear that flatters the body would be to search for one which produces an shapely silhouette by balancing your proportions evenly and drawing attention from areas you want to show.Stress your torso with eye-catching detail. Halter-neck dresses can help balance your slim shoulders and wider sides.For making confident the classification is approved I consulted naughty bikinis superior heel footwear authorities surfed at expert distinctive gals substantial heel footwear on the net shop. Low-plunging neck-lines will accentuate your torso, drawing focus on the face and chest, and adding accessories having a statement necklace or large ear-rings have a similar effect.Cocktail dresses with flowing or perhaps a-line skirts are ideal for pear shapes, because they skim the sides superbly. Don?ˉt hesitate to put on figure-embracing dresses, but make certain that they’re much less tight round the sides and purchase the best under clothes to cover any bumps or undesirable under garments lines.Most pear formed ladies have superbly defined waists, so show yours served by a cinched in waistline. Empire waistlines dress are perfect, because they highlight your torso and take full advantage of a slender waist. Devices and detailing round the waistline will even play up this resource and balance superbly having a full skirted dress.

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    If there is something that Indian weddings are respected the world over for, it is their great show and pomp. This starts right with the center of attention,The latest daily celebrity red carpet and street style fashion trends. What they’re wearing and where to get it.crocthless bikini that is, the bride and the groom. Actually, to be more precise, it starts with the Indian wedding dresses. This is where no cost is spared and nothing is left to chance. It is a wedding, remember, and therefore everything should spell glamour,buy fashion maid costume online pomp and ceremony. That is exactly what an Indian wedding dress gives you, and then some. If you would like to keep a low profile, then it is not with an Indian wedding dress. Remember that an Indian wedding is very important. It involves many people friends and relatives. Therefore, you had better be at your best.

    An Indian wedding dress is just that; Indian. However, it can cost anything from an exorbitant to a low price. cheap bodystockingsTherefore, your budget should dictate what you get from the market. When you decide on the price that you want to part with in advance, then you make your choices fewer and that way, it is very easy for you to choose from the huge variety in the market.

    To be comfortable in Indian wedding dresses, one should choose one that is at least a size bigger. Even more important than all the color and the variety and cost, comfort is very important and everyone should bear that in mind. The good news is that it will be easy get something that you like, because you need not necessarily buy ready made. You will have your wedding dress custom made for you. Depending on the size of the bride, they can choose different types of dresses. For example, a thin bride is more suited to flaring wedding dresses as such make her appear voluminous in size.

    Indian weddings are about color and glamour. Therefore, you should select your color well.girls opening bras pics It should be as outstanding as possible so that the bride stands out. That is why it is important to shop around as much as possible comparing color, prices and even the type of materials used. The good thing though is that the market has something for every Indian bride and at every budget. If you see something you like in the magazines, take the picture with you to the stores and have a dress like that made for you.

    Sari, salwar, choli, lehnga … you name it and you will get it. Deciding on the type of dress that one is going to wear on her wedding day is of utmost importance. There is so much variety for an Indian bride,The latest looks, from the most fashionable runways, as seen on your favorite celebrities and tastemakers.crotchless swimwear perhaps much more than when one goes for a western wedding. However, it should be more about color, budget and comfort. There is so much information on the internet about Indian wedding dresses and so choosing a good one should not be hard. Just like a western wedding, the Indian wedding is more about the bride and her wedding dress should be treated as one of utmost importance.

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    Marital harmony may be in short supply in households where one partner is immersed in online games such as World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings and Guild Wars, new research suggests.

    When one spouse spends time in this online fantasyland, it can threaten marital satisfaction, said researcher Neil Lundberg, an assistant professor of recreation management at Brigham Young University.

    In this study, published in the Feb.crotchless bikini 15 issue of the Journal of Leisure Research,crouchless swimware Lundberg and his team polled 349 couples. Of those, 132 were marriages in which one person played online games; the other 217 were marriages in which both played but one played more than the other.

    In those marriages where just one partner played, the investigators found 70 percent of the gamers and 75 percent of their spouses said the activity had a slightly negative to a very negative effect on the marriage.

    “This study clearly verifies that video gaming can be a significant impediment to happy marriages,” Lundberg said.

    However, there was a surprise finding: those who played together generally liked it, with 76 percent saying it had a positive effect on their marriage.

    The games are always ”on” and play in real time, Lundberg said. “It’s very engaging in terms of its environment. It has the potential to really capture people’s time use.”

    Some find the chance to “become” a dragon slayer or other medieval hero irresistible, he noted.

    The fallout from too much video gaming included quarreling, which was more common when one partner gamed and the other didn’t.

    The couples were about age 33 and married about seven years, the study authors noted.

    The gamers put in 17 to 22 hours a week, often in addition to work and family responsibilities.

    “It’s like a part-time job,” Lundberg said.

    The friction occurs, Lundberg said, because the gaming interferes with communication and connection time. Couples in which one partner gamed reported, for instance, that they went to bed at different times.

    The amount of conflict stirred up, rather than just the amount of time spent playing, made the impact on marital satisfaction, he noted.

    In recruiting people for the study, Lundberg said he went to gaming sites and social media sites. He received negative reaction, he said, from extreme gaming sites. He said they may have been loathe to take a few minutes away from their gaming to answer the researchers’ questions.

    The finding about gaming ”widows” doesn’t surprise Eve Kilmer, a Denver psychologist who specializes in couples counseling.

    A partner who reaches out to communicate but is often ignored because the spouse is engrossed in gaming is eventually going to become dissatisfied,cheap fashion schoolgirl coustoms for big girl she said.

    “In someone prone to addiction, there may be underlying intimacy issues anyway,” she added.

    For a spouse who feels like a gaming “widow” or “widower,” Kilmer suggests addressing the issue in a positive way.

    “If you are going to bring it up with your spouse, you don’t want to be critical,” she said. Instead of telling a partner what you wish he wouldn’t do,cheap thong bikinis tell him how you feel when he does it, she suggested.

    Telling your partner,thongbikini for instance, that too much gaming makes you feel unimportant and unloved ”is more likely to evoke understanding and empathy,” Kilmer said.