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    Last winter, during what the dramatic personae of the gossip columns call “the season,” more cocktail parties, tented bashes and grand balls were flung than at any time since the frolicsome fifties. The sociologists frowned. Is it a fiddling while Rome burns syndrome? A final convulsion of the decaying corpse of empire situation? An assertion of independence from the austerity-preaching mother figure?It could just be a fevered reaction to the realisation that life in the eighties is dull and likely to get ever duller. So glamour must be worked at and revelled in. Scarcity makes anything more precious. Just as in times of high unemployment and general insecurity, dress becomes more conservative and conformist by day (the common instinct is to look employable, dependable) so, in contrast, evening wear becomes more glamorous. Men begin to wear dashing formal evening dress; women start to indulge their previously stifled delight in rich fabrics, frills and furbelows, glitter and gloss. Tomorrow is another, tougher, day.There is no better place for a woman to buy a party frock - or party jumpsuit, T-shirt, trousers, blouse or skirt - than in this country. For years our designers have enjoyed a reputation throughout the world for producing the best evening wear at all levels of the market from C&A up to the dream king, Bill Gibb. In between there are, to name but a few, Strawberry Studio’s young and mischievous confections; Zandra Rhodes’s works of art in fabric and embroidery; romantic clothes from Marisa Martin and Christina Stambolian; taffeta extravagances from Murray Arbeid; inexpensive glitter-threaded cottons and silks from Monsoon and Adini.

    And there’s Bruce Oldfield,Wedding dress round ups and real weddings featuring brides in real dresses on their wedding day.Discount Evening Dresses for sale Ossie Clark, Roland Klein, Janice Wainwright,White satin sweatheart Beaded Applique a-line wedding dresses Belville Sassoon, Benny Ong, Howard Tangye, Juliet Dunn, Jeff Banks for Warehouse, Anthony Price and many more.It is possible, however, to spend a fruitless day scouring the shops for something within your budget which reflects the existence of this riot of creative talent. Most of the high street stores and shop chains seem to be recycling last winter’s evening wear. Their customers are faced with a depressing choice between shoddy jumpsuits in metallic fabric and skimpily-cut, badly designed and boring little dresses in too-thin,Get all of your fashion news, videos, and pics including info about shoes, bags, dresses and all of the latest styles!Wholesale Cheap A-line wedding dresses Online clinging synthetic jersey.Accessories, too, are important. There are lots of inexpensive gold chains, earrings, bangles, belts, and bags in the fashion stores, but, convinced by the latest statistics from De Beers, we abandoned costume jewellery in favour of some real sparklers - and started to understand what Ms Monroe was on about.It seems that 80 percent of women who get married still plight their troth with a diamond ring; that a steadily increasing number owns diamond brooches, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and (a rocketing percentage) earstuds; that many women buy their own diamonds. Diamonds are not necessarily a good investment. They keep their value in times of inflation but only special stones actually appreciate - and staggering insurance premiums take all the fun out of owning those.But then another thing we tend to do in times of insecurity is take fewer risks by converting our assets into commodities which will always have a value and which we can carry with us when we decamp. The gem market boomed in the perilous thirties; everyone danced their feet off, too.

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