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    Accessories are every woman’s fashion secret for adding color, personality and attitude to herWHAT to buy the girl who has everything for Christmas Discount Ball gown wedding dresses for sale? look!November 2013 Miche Classic Norma and art deco earringsThe Pantone Color of the Year for 2013 is Emerald Green, and described this way:“Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”What a lovely influence to add to your daily presentation! If you want to keep your look current and incorporate the color of the year into your fashion statement – there is no need to invest in a new wardrobe.I remember at one point I had a craving for fondue so we drove madly around Los Angeles at the height ofDiscount Stunning Column Beaded Sweetheart Lace-up Evening Prom Dresses looking for a fondue set, Select fashion accessories will keep your look fresh and on trend,but, unfairly and unkindly, her peers ostracised her Wholesale Cheap New Arrival Strapless Sweetheart Satin and Tulle Applique Ball Gown Wedding Dress. while you keep your wardrobe flattering to you – as it should be. Above, Miche Classic Norma and a wide green belt bring a timeless outfit of black and white directly into the current style.Take a closer and detailed look at Miche Norma and the other green shells of Miche’s November 2013 Collection in this video review:You will see how beautifully the Miche Morning Dew Necklace also incorporates several lovely shades of green into an outfit. Together with a Miche shell these 2 accessories can bring your entire look completely current, and very dramatic, even if there is nothing else of green in the ensemble!

    Miche Demi Joanne and Morning Dew NecklaceLook how easily you can add a bit of drama to your outfit and make it look so very current, just with the addition of a couple of accessories. This is the secret to using fashion to look your best as opposed to being a “slave” to fashion fads. Build a core wardrobe in colors, shapes and fabrics that flatter you. Then use fashion accessories to accent colors or trends to keep your look fresh, while it is always representing your best you. Miche Demi Joanne and the truly fabulous Morning Dew Necklace really make a statement!November 2013 Miche Demi Kasi and silver jewelryMiche Demi Kasi with that simple section of vibrant green adds personality and energy to a chic outfit of simple pieces entirely in neutral shades.Accessories are your fashion friends! Use them to inject color, personality and style into your wardrobe while keeping the foundation pieces all about you. That way you are comfortable and confident – the true basis for looking your best – and still keep your look fresh and up to date.

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