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    Very often, a visit to your local car repairs shop can be even more stress-ful than a visit to your local den-tist. Per-haps you wont suf-fer phys-i-cal pain, but some-times your car repairs bill can leave your wal-let or purse feel-ing pretty empty and you with a bad taste in your mouth. The best way to try and avoid costly repairs is to take pre-ven-ta-tive main-te-nance mea-sures that will keep your car in the best con-di-tion possible.

    The fore-most thing that you should do is to fol-low the car man-u-fac-tur-ers main-te-nance sched-ule that will be out-lined in your owner’s man-ual. The best guide-lines are always always the ones that are rec-om-mended by the man-u-fac-turer and if you fail to fol-low those guide-lines, your war-ranty may be voided for future repairs. Although here in Europe you are allowed to have your car repairs and  ser-vic-ing car-ried out by a rep-utable garage, that uses orig-i-nal equip-ment ser-vice parts and oils by law, with-out break-ing your war-ranty agree-ment. A rep-utable garage would be one that oper-ates under the Motor-Codes schemes or an MOT test-ing station.

    Always be sure to change fluids,such as your brake fluid, all the fil-ters and spark plugs (if fit-ted) to what the car’s man-u-fac-turer rec-om-mends. It is also a good idea to upgrade your motor oil to a higher per-for-mance syn-thetic oil, which can help to pre-vent cer-tain prob-lems and can also improve your car’s over-all per-for-mance. We keep in sev-eral types of oil for ser-vic-ing as spec-i-fi-ca-tions are chang-ing all the time but using syn-thetic oil is not a bad thing and will cover most mod-ern engines.

    Always be sure that your tyres are cor-rectly inflated. This is espe-cially impor-tant, because tyres with too lit-tle air, or too much, can result in exces-sive wear with bad han-dling and may cause a tyre to blow out. It is often rec-om-mended that your tyre pres-sures are checked dur-ing every other visit to the petrol sta-tion. While this may seems exces-sive, you won’t be sorry that you have kept your tyres cor-rectly inflated and there-fore safer. For rea-sons of both safety and the expense of new tyres, the extra effort is well worth it.

    If you notice any unusual noises com-ing from your car,whilst dri-ving along check with your owner’s man-ual for infor-ma-tion. Quite often, noises are per-fectly nor-mal and there is no need for con-cern. Your owner’s man-ual infor-ma-tion sec-tion will let you know whether or not a visit to the Auto-centre is necessary.

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