• This was the year of the celebrity wardrobe malfunction overshare, and the trend reached saturation point when Sofia Vergara tweeted a photo of her bare bum after she split her Emmy dress.Fashions and Cheap Mini Sultry Devil Bustier Costumes are constantly changing and may differ from country to country, depending on various factors including age, geography, and climate.Shop Prom Girl for cute Supergirl Costumes for sale, tutu flower girl dresses, and little girl party wear. Ladies and gents, we’ve officially entered TMI territory.

    Give it up,Cheap Goddess of Twilight Vampire Costumes for ladies. We dedicate to offer fancy products for all women so that all you need to focus on is to be fancy ladies. guys! If you want to wear specs as an accessory, at least put some clear lenses in them, okay!? We are so ready to say sayonara to fake glasses in the new year.

    There are bras, and then there are tops. For some reason, a slew of celebs got the two confused in 2012 and showed up all over the red carpet in what should be considered their skivvies.Get the latest Cheap Three Piece Magic Spell Witch Costumes, outfit ideas, and clothing care advice to fit your budget and your lifestyle. Just say no to bra tops in 2013,Find Cheap Debonaire Buccaneer Pirate Maiden Sleeved Costumes in a variety of trendsetting designer styles in this collection. girls!

    In the words of the almighty Mean Girls, “Stop trying to make meggings happen! It’s never going to happen!”

    And finally, I end with this grievance. Enough with the visible granny panties, alright? I know what you’re thinking–but then everyone will be able to see my bum beneath my so-sheer-it’s-almost-not-there skirt. Here’s an idea to usher in in the new year: Let’s try some real fabric!

    What were your personal worst trends of 2012? Any popular looks you want to leave behind in the new year? Share!

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