• ANZ Pacific Operations Staff Foundation unveiled the renovated facilities at Nabua Sanatan Primary School yesterday.

    It was a timely event as the bank’s foundation handed over the keys to the refurbished school in an effort to help develop a conducive learning environment for the next school term

    ANZ CEO Pacific and Fiji, Vishnu Mohan said the contribution would improve learning and quality of life for students.

    “ANZ is committed to helping improve the communities where we work and this initiative reflects that,”said Mr Mohan.

    “Schools are the first, crucial step towards the future and I understand that is how our volunteers came to be involved in refurbishing these institutions,” he said.

    The refurbishment includes renovating the roof, walls and ceiling of the classrooms, repairing of the school conveniences and drainage, replacing faucets and drinking water basins and purchasing new books and furniture including 115 desks and 148 chairs.

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