• With its comprehensive outfit of car services and diesel services and centers, internationally renowned automotive parts supplier Robert Bosch Inc remains a leader in the global automotive workshop industry. More than 15,000 Bosch Service workshops form part of the growing international organization. To date, 29 workshops are established in the Philippines.

    Bosch recently partnered with DBS Auto Care to launch its newest addition to the Bosch Car Service (BCS) network in the country in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. The workshop offers a one-stop solution for all types of car servicing, and is a competent and cost-effective alternative to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) dealerships.

    Owned and operated by Salvador Sanchez, DBS Auto Care offers premier car services, such as engine repair, under chassis repair, transmission repair, computerized ECU diagnostics for both gasoline and diesel engine using the Bosch KTS-570 scanner, computerized wheel alignment and camber correction, computerized wheel balancing, change oil and engine tune-up, nitrogen tire inflation, and car wash and detailing.

    According to Nataliya Tretyakova, Manager, Workshop Concept Development, Automotive Aftermarket Division, Robert Bosch, Inc. (ASEAN), Bosch is the only company in the ASEAN region that provides overall support for independent car service workshops. The collaboration entails a full range of marketing support, technical support through trainings and hotline servicing, business development training, a complete quality program and professional branding and signage. Partners are also offered Bosch’s extensive product portfolio of premier car parts, workshop equipment, and top-of-the-line repair services.

    “Bosch is committed to cultivating and advancing the global network of independent workshops. By sharing our expertise in automotive technology to our partners, we hope to help them conquer the unique challenges of the business and succeed in their respective markets. Today, we support over 15,000 workshops worldwide, and we continue to grow,” said Tretyakova. Beyond BCS, the network also includes Bosch Diesel Services and Centers, which specialize in the diagnosis and repair of diesel systems and components.

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  • This sort of automobile elevate is assembled underneath the garage ground. It is composed of 1 or a lot more pistons, relying on the optimum bodyweight capacity. Lifts with one particular or two pistons are used for small, mid-sized and complete-sized vehicles. Lifts with about three or more pistons are used for more substantial cars, such as buses and RV’s.

    The most typical vehicle raise utilized right now is known as a Two Publish Surface area Mounted lift. On every column, there are elevate arms. These are managed mechanically, electronically or hydraulically.

    The most typical type is the several-submit mounted elevate, which is extensively utilised by oil change, transmission, and muffler services stores. You are going to uncover this type of auto raise in wheel alignment services stations as well. The vehicle is pushed onto the two runways and raised, exposing its underside.

    This variety of automobile elevate engages the vehicle’s body in lifting. There are two approaches this variety might operate. 1 way is scissors-style, moving straight up. An additional is parallelogram-design, transferring forward or backward, although increasing or reducing. This sort is frequently used for brake, tire, and wheel solutions as effectively as automobile body mend.

    The Travel-On Parallelogram is a surface-mounted automobile elevate. It has two runways exactly where the wheels of the vehicle ought to be placed.

    It has a lifting mechanism that moves the car a quick distance ahead or backward while increasing or lowering. The direction depends on the way the elevate is mounted.

    The Scissor Elevate can both be of a preset pad kind or a roll-on body/underbody engaging kind. It has a lifting mechanism that is equivalent to the parallelogram raise. Their principal distinction is that the scissors raise goes up and down on a straight vertical route.

    This sort of automobile elevate is used for autos that are lengthier than standard autos, these kinds of as buses and trucks. It is composed of numerous lifting columns in sets of two, several, six, or far more. The columns can be moved and linked with the other columns so that their actions are synchronized.

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  • The roads these days are heavily used on a daily basis. A lot of problems may be caused on the roads by both people and cars depending on exactly how they are used. Pedestrians walk on roads, particularly ones designed as such, and cars and trucks pass over the roads as well. Over time, all of the weight and friction on the road surface causes it to become damaged over time.

    This type of wear and tear may be fixed, however repair crews need to do something in order to let people know that the work is currently in progress and that drivers should reduce speed while traveling and change lanes. This is when traffic cones will be great for them. These kinds of cones will serve as a sign for every motorist or pedestrian that a part of the highway is blocked.

    Usually, traffic cones are used simply by putting them around construction or troubled areas on streets. These kinds of cones are usually colored fluorescent orange and white. Those colors are employed simply because offer high visibility. Orange can be quite visible in the daytime and white can be seen through the night, and some cones have strips with reflective areas for improved visibility through the night. All these cones ought to be seen from a long way away to be useful and protect drivers.

    Work crews will make use of many different sorts of traffic cones as part of their jobs. In those streets with less traffic, or on which pedestrians walk, those areas will tend to have the more common cones. Compared with other traffic cones, these ones tend to be smaller and lighter. When there is an issue such as road maintenance, they are helpful in letting people know about it, and that they should steer clear. These small cones are also used indoors by many to indicate that a bathroom is out of service, or that there are wet surfaces around and people should be cautious when walking through.

    The bigger brother to the previously mentioned cones are used on roads with light traffic. These cones are taller and heavier than the previously mentioned cones. If the cones did not have the extra weight, it is possible that when automobiles passed them on the roads, the cones would move themselves. Obviously, that would not be acceptable performance.

    Numerous traffic cones have been utilized by road authorities through the years and they’ve actually come in many forms. For example, you won’t just see all of them in cone shapes but there are also bollards or poles which you can use the same way. They include the same color scheme as the other cones and even deliver substantial visibility on roads both night and day.

    The main purpose for traffic cones is safety. Safety for you, and safety for crew workers. If you are alert for them, then you are able to adjust your plans as necessary and avoid any problems, while maintaining safety for yourself and those around you.

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  • Even if you are certainly not mechanically-minded, this can shell out to get ready and keep several things in your current car for an emergency. A number of car owners keep points like covers, drinking water, and also a torch in their particular cars whenever they ever before breakdown in a rural place and find that it is hard to get help swiftly. A spade can be also a good option, should anyone ever find yourself separated or even trapped in snow through the winter. A number of proceed additional and carry very first aid products, although not necessarily a legal requirement in the United kingdom.

    Getting a couple of easy health care items like bandages can be of use if you suffer an automobile accident as well as find one. Even if you have no idea exactly how to use an initial aid equipment, anyone may encounter someone at the scene which does have the correct training and also can make a distinction. Besides all of this, anyone can in addition maintain equipment in your motor vehicle that could aid throughout a dysfunction. Again, although you may do not understand how to use them oneself, a person may encounter somebody that can assistance with these. It really is a good plan to check whether your own car insurance policy contains malfunction deal with – which means you know how to get in touch with for support ought to a malfunction arise.

    Screwdrivers, ports as well as an extra tyre

    A few motorists may take for given the fact they have a connector in their own trunk to elevate the car to alter a wheel. Check in your own to make certain you’ve got one, in addition a tool to allow you to take away the nuts from the wheel. Possessing an extra is ok, but when a person do not need the appropriate equipment to place it on, a smooth tyre can see your quest work to an unnecessary total stand still.

    Other things an individual might want to carry in the trunk contain a screwdriver, perhaps along with a Phillips head and a few kind of variable wrench. This could appear in convenient if you ever need to have to tighten points like battery nuts beneath the hood or some other emergency modifications.

    Petrol programs, garages, and even several home improvement stores sell standard tool packages which can often be stowed below the couch or perhaps in the start. These people will usually consist of wrenches and tools, in addition some other items which usually can change an amount of fixtures on your car or truck.

    Don’t let your current battery shabby

    Quickly boost cords, often known as battery cabling as well as leads, can also be convenient in case you come across a flat battery. Nearly all will have directions that you can adhere to, while you will require one more vehicle using a battery to demand your own personal whether or not this does get smooth. A lot of people fall into the snare of departing on their own car headlights using the engine switched off, especially if these people take above to take a phone contact along with switch off the engine yet depart their front lights on while talking.

    Your battery can be charged by simply the action of your current engine, and when lighting is still left on using the engine deterred, you are likely to be used up of cost really swiftly. It also performs each way – should you find a person with a smooth battery it will be easy to help them with your own individual cabling.

    There are also frequent winter items like an glaciers scraper for the windscreen to save an individual obtaining to sit down along with wait for your current home heating to kick in prior to deciding to can drive off. Think regarding transporting several kind of container like a package or container. If you’re in will need of water for having as well as for your own car, you’ll need something to carry this in in the event you encounter an outside tap or another running water source.

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  • As the hay-making season gets underway a Lancashire farmer who was left paralysed by a falling bale is telling his story as a warning to others.

    21-year-old Robert Field was stacking silage bales on a neighbour’s farm in Burnley with a colleague back in 2007 when the bale grab on the telehandler cracked as it struggled to put in place the topmost bale on a stack.
    Robert Field

    Robert Field

    Robert was looking at the machine, driven by his colleague, when he was hit by a one-ton bale from six metres high. It broke his back, fractured his jaw and severed a main artery in his leg. Doctors expected him to die.

    Robert survived but surgeons were forced to amputate his leg above the knee and he was left permanently paralysed from the waist down.

    As well as the emotional cost, there has been a big financial impact. Robert has been able to work again, but he and his mother have had to employ extra staff to make up their farm’s workforce and it has cost several thousand to adapt machinery and equipment.

    Robert, whose story is now available to watch on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website, said:

    “I’m very cautious now in everything I do. I didn’t think a bale would fall on me like it did. People who work on farms should make a promise to themselves and their families to come home safe at the end of the day. I very nearly didn’t.”

    Added Graeme Walker, HSE’s head of food and agriculture:

    “11 workers have died in baling incidents since 2007 - Robert was one of the lucky ones.

    “Baling doesn’t have to be a dangerous activity. With the right training and proper planning Robert and his family needn’t have gone through the emotional trauma they did. They also wouldn’t have had to pay for additional support and adaptations.

    “Robert is an inspiration, but his story should also serve as a stark warning to others. New HSE guidance on safe baling is now available and I urge farm workers to get familiar with it.”

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    Hydraulic Baling Press Balers are designed to compact empty boxes, paper, clothing or other bulk materials into manageable bundles that can be disposed of or recycled. You can reduce fire hazards and free up space by eliminating the clutter.

    Balers can typically be found in back-room or waste-disposal areas where several boxes or other items need to be disposed of or recycled in as efficient a manner as possible.  It’s also common practice to bale T-shirts, jeans and other fabrics together for shipment to recycling or donation facilities.

    SJF offers a few different types of balers:

    Baling Press:
    This baler is the toughest and most reliable vertical downstroke baler on the market today.  It can apply over 67,000 pounds of compaction force to crush even the most stubborn of cardboard into bales weighing up to 1,100 pounds.

    Low Profile Baler:
    This space-saving hydraulic downstroke baler is engineered to produce dense mill-sized bales, despite the fact that it operates under an 8 foot ceiling and requires significantly less floor space than conventional downstroke balers.

    Mini Baler:
    This model’s low height and small space requirements make it possible to loacte it virtually anywhere in your facility where you want to reduce labor and save space.

    Portable Baler:
    This low profile space saver hydraulic baler is engineered with the same safety and operating features of our larger balers. Double safety interlocks, including both an electromechanical limit switch and a photocell system, along with elimination of all shear and pinch points make this an extremely safe and efficient baler.

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    Cigarettes are forever becoming costly, and everybody is becoming disappointed regarding it. When you purchase a cigarette rolling machine, you may keep away from all the unhealthy things in typical cigarettes and save a ton of dough. Not everyone knows about this approach in terms of using cigarettes. There are a bunch of various kinds of rolling machines out in the market, they make the process quicker and less expensive than just hand rolling.

    You can create unique products like cigarettes or joints with your cigarette rolling machine. Most of these devices perform best if your weed is well seperated and does not have any kind of excess stalks which could spoil the final product. When the leaves are already well shredded as in typical tobacco, the prep work before rolling in minimal.

    Cigarette injector machines require only one or two basic steps to manufacture a cigarette that rivals just about any ready-made commercial cigarette. This is undoubtedly among the most effective and most cost effective methods to build your own cigarettes which taste superior to professional makes and often times last much longer when compared with store brands. Look closely at the spot that the trimming crank is located in your work spot. Choose a flat surface to place your apparatus. With the filling chamber open, set a whole lot of tobacco in it. Jiggle it a bit using your fingers a little – you should not tear everything apart, you simply require some separation. You may end up having badly packed cigarettes as well as a clogged apparatus if the tobacco is simply too humid. You’ll need it quite dry. Spread the tobacco about evenly and carefully push it down when you insert it into the chamber. The chamber should be filled cautiously, chances are you’ll ruin the handle on the machine if it is filled too much. You’ll notice a small metal hose about the left section of the device, place a pre-made cigarette filter into this opening. Work the actual device by simply pulling the handle in a single smooth movement right up until it stops. Give the actual cigarette a good tap over a flat surface a few times to compress it (filter side downward), and you are finished! Should you feel a good deal of resistance, never continue to push the handle.

    By using a manual roller, it is simple to generate a cigarette quickly. When the material is ready, one opens up the manual rolling machine simply by moving one of the rollers upwards; this exposes a channel where the product is filled. Your chamber need to be filled with a standard volume of product, this ensures that you will have a constant burn rate when smoked. Close up the machine up by moving the primary roller into place. By rotating the rollers, the product gets rolled since it is enclosed and held inside a restricted space. The non-sticky side of the paper really should be fed into the channel of your machine after you have done a number of turns. The paper will wrap around itself a couple of times after you carry out the final spin of the rollers. Before continuing to roll the rest of the paper into the device, lick the gummed side of the paper and roll it the rest of the way in. You are going to end up with a perfectly rolled cigarette as soon as you shift over the last roller.

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  • A team of scientists at Cornell University and the University of Chicago have imaged this behavior and have explained the forces causing it for the first time. Its findings appear in the Dec. 19-23 early edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    “The experimental breakthrough revealed that these string structures were perpendicular to the shear instead of parallel to it, contrary to what many in the field were expecting,” said Aaron Dinner, associate professor in chemistry at UChicago and a study co-author.

    The experiment was led by Itai Cohen, associate professor of physics at Cornell, who custom-built a device that would enable him simultaneously to exert shearing forces on suspended colloids (the spheres) and image the resulting motion at 100 frames per second with a confocal microscope. Imaging speed was critical to the experiment because the string-like structures appear only at certain shear rates.

    “This issue of strings has been pretty controversial. I’m not sure that we’ve solved all the controversies associated with them, but at least we’ve made a step forward,” Cohen said.

    Shearing forces affect the dynamic behavior of paint, shampoo and other viscous household products, but an understanding of these and related phenomena at the microscopic level has largely eluded a detailed scientific understanding until the last decade, Dinner noted.

    Futuristically speaking, these forces potentially could be harnessed to produce microscopic patterns on computer chips or biosensors via special paints that flow easily when layered in one direction, but becomes hard when layered in another direction.

    Cohen’s objective was more scientifically immediate: to devise an experiment that would overcome the technical difficulties associated with measuring the mechanical properties of the colloidal strings while also imaging their formation. “The holy grail is to be able to understand how the structure leads to the mechanical properties and then to be able to control the mechanical properties by influencing the structure,” Cohen explained.

    Cohen, PhD’01, received his doctorate in physics at UChicago, as did lead author Xiang Cheng, PhD’09, a postdoctoral associate at Cornell who assembled the team; and co-author Xinliang Xu, PhD’07, a postdoctoral scholar at UChicago. The study co-authors also included Stuart Rice, the Frank P. Hixon Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in Chemistry at UChicago and a 1999 recipient of the National Medal of Science.

    As members of UChicago’s Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, Rice and Dinner are part of a larger effort to determine how materials behave under the influence of various dynamic forces. Some of their physics colleagues analyze forces operating on macroscopic scales, while chemists such as Rice and Dinner attempt to assess how those findings might apply to microscopic phenomena.

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  • It is characterized by a buckle instead of hand-tied with iron strapping strapping, to prevent the use or transportation staff is metallic iron buckle scratches. It also saves packaging costs. Now become a widely used carton packaging equipment. Degree of automation of the equipment into semi-automatic and fully automatic, semi-automatic strapping need to manually insert, automatic does not. Binder called packer, is the use of banding winding the product or packaging, and then tighten both ends by melting or thermal effects and other materials connected with covered buttons of the machine. The function is to make the plastic strapping band can be bundled in the package close to the surface, to ensure that packages in transport, storage is not due to binding is not strong and scattered, while also bundling tidy. Dongtai quick packer with positioning accuracy, thermal bonding solid, long service life characteristics of the machine. Automatic strapping machine strapping products have reached a continuous, reliable, snapping the plastic bag with the surface, the joint firm, the machine electrical safety, noise, smoke and other work does not affect the health of operators.