• It was first introduced to the runway in the ’60s and embraced by designers in the ’70s, according to typeF.com, a fashion and beauty website. The maxi virtually disappeared in the ’80s and did not reappear until around 2009. Since then it consistently has been in vogue, with varying styles and patterns each summer.As a twist on Justin Timberlake’s chart-topping tune,wet look thong costume why do trends keep “bringing (maxi) back?”Shoppers and fashion experts alike have opinions on why the maxi dress keeps returning, as well as reasons why women gravitate toward its casual, elongated style.thigh highs wholesale“Fashion is a revolution; it always comes back around,” Molly Adams says.Adams, buyer and general manager for Details and Pappagallo in Lancaster, thinks maxi dresses continue to appeal to women “because they are a different spin on a daytime dress.”The maxi dress by definition has a hem that grazes the floor.That’s the reason Kelly Scott is drawn to them. “They are good for tall people,” says Scott,string bikini 2013 thongsexy maid who thinks the maxi complements her height.A Manheim Township High School student, Scott has a simple explanation for the reappearance of the maxi: “People recycle fashion,” she says.Adams also attributes the resurgence of the maxi dress to the fact that they are often affordable.At Pappagallo, Adams has chosen to feature a black maxi with a knee-length lining and sheer overlay, incorporating two trends.Heather Manering of Hershey likes the maxi dress because it’s flattering, especially as maternity wear.”They are just cool and comfortable as I’m growing everywhere,” Manering says.For Manering, maxis are as much about style as they are about functionality.crotchless swimming costume She has a toddler and likes the maxi dress because it works for tasks that come with her role as mom.

    “They are very versatile,” Stephanie Carson, of Lancaster, adds. “You can dress them up or down — with gladiator sandals, a cardigan, jewelry or a belt.” It can be worn as a bathing suit cover-up, to a barbecue, an evening out or even a wedding, as Tim Loftus, co-manager of Express at Park City Center, has observed.”Most of our customers have (shopped) for weddings,” Loftus says, who has sold a number of maxis as bridesmaid attire.”It’s long. It’s more dramatic. It makes a statement,” he says.It may be appropriate for weddings, but is it appropriate for the office?Scott Fiore says “no” to the maxi dress in the professional realm. Fiore is vice president of TriStarr Staffing, a locally-based human resources consulting firm.”I know many companies have gotten more lax in what their dress requirements are,” he says, but cautions: “If you’d wear it to a party, a bar or a picnic, you don’t wear it to work.”Sofia Wacksman, vice president of trend for Kohl’s Department Stores, has advice for women interested in incorporating the maxi dress into their summer wardrobe.”With so many vibrant colors and beautiful patterns, it’s easy to find the perfect maxi dress to fit your individual style this summer,” Wacksman says.”Right now, we’re loving bright hues, like turquoise and coral, mixed together in tropical prints. Or go for classic white or navy in nautical-inspired stripes.”To get the maximum impact out of your summer style, you just might want to bring maxi back, too.