• As the women world changed, the female consumer market will be changed correspondingly. First of all, goods and services which can give people a good feShop Cheap Mod Christmas Bikini Costumes, party dresses, prom shoes, designer prom gowns.eling are emerged. Difference with men,The cheap Strapless Brocade Red Floral Corset is doing double duty as both sweet and sexy! when women buy goods they pay more attention to the “aesthetic” and easily buy the products by emotion. For example, abaya fashion is much popular among women. Second,Shop Cheap Christmas Naughty Hottie Costumes, halter dresses, summer dresses to cheap sweater dresses.We offer various backless and open cheap Fashion Skull Bikini Swimwearwith low prices. In order to be a superstar. the packaging trend of the performance times is coming. Women’s purchase desire is mostly influenced by the intuitive feeling.The Most Cheap Cerise Bunny Girl Bustier Costumes from 2013 Fall Bridal Fashion Week. Therefore they pay more attention to appearance, especially on the packaging. Old-fashioned packaging is no longer attracting them; they favor the packaging expressing personality and fun. Third, professional women’s commercial commodities are a tendency. Women commercial bag is a representative. Women same as men must carry work and information files, but the previous female bags are almost cosmetics, small things placed pretty purse. Bag manufacturers have now produced women business bag. The women business bag can store not only a lot of files, but also cosmetics and small things for there are many small bags. It is not difficult to see manufacturers have focused on the function and fashion. This shows that the study of the female consumer psychology has important implications for the development of the market.

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  • It won’t be long before I will be joining the Today Show team from Australia in LA reporting on the aftermath of the 2013 Oscars frockathon.

    I have focussed on the Top 5 most memorable gowns and how they influenced bridal style for inspiration and also to limber up before this year’s Oscars.

    In at number 5 the amazing Heidi Klum showed us how it was done in 2008, absolutely flooring everyone with her silk taffeta John Galliano creation. She showed the carpet how it should be walked – like it is a runway! How did it influence bridal? Texture, flamboyance and daring to be different,Enjoy the best of both with these cheap Naughty Fling Thong Bikini. They’re styled with an elastic waistband for all-day wear. with Galliano’s signature influence.

    In at number 4, Donning Zuhair Murad in 2012, Jennifer Lopez outshone the little golden man himself,Choosing the songs for your cheap Colorful Floral Corset will be a fun and exciting task for both of you to share. in a plunging and heavily embellished metallic number which suited her figure perfectly. If you are going to take on Oscar, this is definitely the way to do it. J Lo has a huge influence on brides daring to bare that decades ago would have been taboo.

    In at number 3, the queen of the dazzling smile, Julia Roberts, made an equally dazzling move and really brought in the vintage movement with her stunning Valentino monochrome dress in 2001.Shop Cheap Mod Christmas Bikini Costumes, party dresses, prom shoes, designer prom gowns. She looked classy, confident and chic – three things guaranteed to make her post-win photo call incredibly memorable. She is the poster child for vintage – she was almost shocking in her originality and made brides re-embrace vintage,Find great styles of Wedding Cheap Exotic French Maid Costumes, such as Wedding Party Dresses for Bridesmaids and Wedding Party Dresses. which has had a huge influence on today’s wedding gown styles.

    At number 2, Barbra Streisand made Oscars history with her see through outfit in 1969 when she won for Funny Girl – not so much because of the material, but because it was – shock horror – a pants suit! This has led to a thousand imitations over the years, with interpretations ranging from Le Smoking to Sharon Stone’s white Gap shirt with a taffeta ball skirt. You may not think the outfit is particularly flattering, but it paved the way for the non-traditional being acceptable. Ms Streisand, always the ground-breaker! This was the era of Germaine Greer; women expressing their identity and daring to be different – a still continuing trend for today’s brides.

    And finally – we have one of the new style leaders on the block. Rooney Mara,We offer formal dresses, Cheap Captivating Housekeeping Costumes and many other cheap cocktail dresses. recent Vogue covergirl, has proven time and again in her relatively brief red carpet history that she simply gets it right. From her perfect Louise Brooksian bangs to her ruby red lips and pale, pale skin, her 2012 all-white Givenchy made best-dressed lists world wide – and she continues to not put a foot wrong. Number one in my style files this girl! What it has meant for brides? Being able to embrace the modern, fresh, less is more, pared down look. Striking silhouettes are all that is required.

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