• We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Little girl goes to see Grandma,You have decided on the colour scheme, you have the bridal gown, now its time for the bridesmaids,Cheap Wonderland Flirt Costumes and page boy. meets a wolf, nearly gets eaten, woodcutter saves the day. Those Grimm brothers knew how to write terrifying stories for children, their moral mazes and sometimes twisted endings forever seared into our collective subconscious. The morals of the story are all too apparent – do as your Mother tells you, don’t talk to strangers and don’t always believe what you are told.

    More interesting for adults is to consider why the story’s protagonist wears a red coat. It seems that red is depicted as the colour of danger, which proves appropriate, given the plot.Wedding retailers who specialize in Cheap Flitatious Black Maid Costumes With Pink Apron and accessories for your bridesmaids. In the story, Little Red Riding Hood leads herself into danger by talking to the wolf and straying from the path. Her coat represents the wayward side of her nature.

    Many hundreds of years after the story of Little Red came into existence, I would like to try and offer an alternative view of the colour red. To me, red is the colour of excitement, passion and feeling truly alive. I personally feel that there couldn’t be a better colour to wear, as a red dress says that the wearer is confident and proud of who they are.

    Whilst some women may feel uncomfortable with wearing a red dress to work or at home,Cheap Naughty Christmas Funny Costumes With Belt Dress up Games, Dress up games for people who love fashion. the night is a different matter altogether. As the dusk fades to darkness and the moon replaces the sun, channel your inner vamp and embrace a whole new side. Choosing a red dress to wear out in the evening will make you look and feel great. Red is the colour of love, so wearing a red dress on a date will help you feel romantic and beautiful.

    As well as being a sensual colour, lighter and darker shades of red make for playful, preppy day dresses.The latest and greatest in cheap Red Sequined Crotchless Thong from who’s wearing what handbag to which celebrity is designing jewelry. This spring, why not choose a polka-dot red dress to create a fun summery look, or go for a floral-patterned light red dress teamed with red lipstick and heels to recreate old school glamour?

    Alternatively, you could choose to team a red shift dress with black tights and court shoes to make a monochromatic style statement, or offset a red dress with leather accessories to fit in with this season’s leather vibe. However you decide to do it, wearing a red dress will help you stand out and feel fabulous this year.

    The added beauty of wearing a red dress is that, as it makes a strong statement on its own, you don’t need to dress it up with lots of accessories. Choose a simple pair of heels,Shop Dress with Flower Embellishment. Discover fashion Cheap Cozy Strapless Minnie Mouse Lace Costumes online. classic jewellery and a sophisticated down-do to pull off your outfit. Stand tall and remember that red is the colour of passion and excitement – the finer things in life.

    Author Bio: Sonya Parkins is a fairytale lover, with a penchant for stunning dresses in red, for any occasion and at any time of year.