• Mercedes’ alleged breach of the Formula 1 regulations with its secret tyre test for Pirelli could now go to the FIA International Tribunal.

    Following more than three hours of discussions by the Monaco Grand Prix stewards on Sunday night, they issued a statement stating that a report was being prepared for the FIA .”After hearing and collecting information the stewards will write a report to the FIA who may bring the matter before the International Tribunal,” said the statement.

    Mercedes had become the subject of a protest from both Red Bull and Ferrari ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix after it emerged the team had tested for Pirelli with a 2013 car at Barcelona after the Spanish Grand Prix.Although the team insisted that it had been given authority from the FIA to run the current car in a tyre development test, rival outfits are convinced that the regulations are clear in outlawing any form of in-season testing.

    While Nico Rosberg’s victory in the Monaco Grand Prix is secure, with the FIA having made the result official, should the team be found in breach of the rules then it could face future sanctions.Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn said before the outcome of the stewards meeting that he would have been upset if Rosberg’s well-earned victory had been taken away from him.

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