• One is purely decorative in nature and the other is purely functional, but Brian Bergeron would argue that jewelry and tires share a lot of commonalities, especially when the two are combined.

    While Joe Public mostly views tires as underwhelming travel necessities, Mr. Bergeron, a jewelry designer and owner of Brian Bergeron Designs, always saw them a little differently. His fascination with tread designs led him to develop the Tire Rings line—rings for men and women featuring car, motorcycle, mountain bike and dirt bike tire tread patterns.

    “I’ve always liked tires. You go into a tire shop to get new tires and you can wander around for a long time,” he said. “I think they’re really an attractive part of the vehicle…. I’m somewhat in a mix of worlds because I have an art school background, but I’m much more appreciative of the mechanical end of things.”

    “One of the other reasons why the idea kind of spoke to me is because I’ve been in the jewelry business for a while, and I’ve seen all kinds of different jewelry, but it seems to me for the majority of people who purchase jewelry a big part of that purchase is sentimental. It’s a meaningful object—it’s not just a decorative object. Automotive and mechanical things are something a lot of people enjoy and are into and do socially.

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