• Volvo’s Flywheel KERS is fitted to the rear axle. During deceleration, the braking action causes the flywheel to spin at up to 60,000 rpm. Meanwhile, the front-mounted engine shuts off. The energy stored in the spinning flywheel can then be applied via a special transmission toward acceleration or used to power the car once it reaches cruising speed.

    Volvo’s experimental flywheel is a carbon fiber model that spins in a vacuum to minimize frictional losses. It weighs 13.2 pounds (6 kg) and measures about 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter.

    During road testing with a Volvo S60 flywheel test car, Volvo found that when partnered with a four-cylinder engine, the flywheel technology offers up to a 25 percent reduction in fuel consumption versus a comparably performing turbo six-cylinder. It says that the system can also augment the engine with an 80 hp boost, giving it acceleration comparable to a six-cylinder – 0-62 mph (100 km/h) in as quick as 5.5 seconds.
    Volvo’s Flywheel KERS

    “The flywheel’s stored energy is sufficient to power the car for short periods. This has a major impact on fuel consumption,” explained Derek Crabb, Vice President Powertrain Engineering at Volvo Car Group. “Our calculations indicate that it will be possible to turn off the combustion engine about half the time when driving according to the official New European Driving Cycle.”

    While the Flywheel KERS system has some clear potential, it’s able to store energy only for a finite amount of time while it continues spinning. As such, it’s best for driving conditions where there are frequent starts and stops. Like some hybrids and electric vehicles, Volvo’s Flywheel-equipped vehicles will get the better fuel economy in the city.

    “We are the first manufacturer that has applied flywheel technology to the rear axle of a car fitted with a combustion engine driving the front wheels. The next step after completing these successful tests is to evaluate how the technology can be implemented in our upcoming car models,” said Crabb.


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    Tyre changers are absolutely vital so as to change a modern save big tyre. Nearly every coach bus, body, oil, and tyre shop has photos model or another. Many car owners advis these machines to ascertain their expensive rims aren’t damaged the moment wheel is being to have. There are several different type of such changers.

    The semiautomatic changer is really an affordable alternative to the actual fully automatic version. We’ll discuss the automatic model momentarily. The semi-auto changer takes a lot more hands-on experience to operate opposed to automatic. The majority of nowa styles of equipment feature a tilting arm and an innovative 20″ wheelbase to support changing up to and including 20″ wheel. Other wider versions residence larger wheel bases are for sale for slightly more than the typical 20″.

    Most of this developed over time tyre changing equipment merges the tilting column effect which has had a turntable that’s only 665 mm up, making the process easier some efficient than with past models. The semiautomatic version is made for mounting and dismounting is really a car, van, or sport bike helmet wheel.

    The automatic model is certainly one of the fastest many efficient means for changing one of the wheels in any shop. Many automatic changers are widely-used in changing wheels that are up to 24″ bigger. The sheer size and weight one’s rim makes using semiautomatic aspects too dangerous, not to slow.

    The tilt column is pneumatically controlled and much less manual do business. Changers with this size may need a wheel bead shattering unit, reinforced structure occur extra strain and weight one’s heavier wheels and wheels, and a fully automatic turntable to decide on things go much sleeker and faster. All the mechanic just need to do is set the appliance and keep their palms safe! These automatic changers are good for changing SUV, large car, and truck wheels.

    I wouldn’t have a heading just for “new” machines this kind of if it wasn’t indispensible. There is a new variety of Tyre Changer making its way around the globe markets. It is revolutionizing the characteristics, gadgets, and looks one’s standard auto or semi-auto take changing machine options; small Corghi-Artiglio 500, to be exact. This specific model is leading the extra edge in quality, speed, and safety with that niche.

    It’s one of the few models which feature dual bead breaker discs to make mounting and dismounting associated with these wheel twice as premature. This model also boasts a newly designed dismounting effect and improved clamping support so there’s no slippage regardless of the sort.

    At the end of the day kinds of types of tyre changing equipment you can choose from. Deciding on your main town, and which is amongst the best type, is all for you to decide and your business mend. If you can’t allow the best, then the semiautomatic version might be the choice you want to make.


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