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    1.Improve the stability and comfort of the tire on the road

    Nitrogen is almost inert diatomic gas, chemically extremely inert gas molecules larger than oxygen molecules and difficult to heat or cooling, the deformation amplitude is small, its speed to penetrate the tire wall is about 30 ~ 40% slower than air, can be maintained stable tire pressure, improve the stability of the tire on the road, driving comfort; nitrogen audio low conductivity, which is equivalent to 1/5 of the common air, the use of nitrogen can effectively reduce the tire noise and improve driving quiet.

    2. Prevent puncture and lack of air grind line

    The puncture is the number one killer in a road traffic accident, according to statistics, 46 percent of traffic accidents on the highway due to tire failure, including a flat tire accounted for 70% of the total tire accident. A moving vehicle, the tire temperature will rise due to friction with the ground, especially in high speed and emergency braking, tire gas temperature will increase rapidly, tire pressure surge, so there will be the possibility of puncture. While the high temperature could cause tire rubber aging, fatigue strength decreased, the tread wear is severe, is an important factor that may puncture. Compared with the general high-pressure air, high purity nitrogen because the oxygen-free and almost free of oil-water, low coefficient of thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity, slow warming, reducing the speed of the tire to gather steam, non-natural does not help then characteristics, can greatly reduce the chance of a puncture.

    3. Extend tire life

    The use of nitrogen, tire pressure stable volume, greatly reduces the possibility of irregular tire friction, such as crown grinding, tire shoulder wear, partial wear and improve tire life; the aging of rubber by oxygen molecules in the air oxidation due to aging, its strength and elasticity decreased, and there will be a cracking phenomenon, then one of the reasons for shortening tire life. Nitrogen separation device greatly limits to exclude oxygen in the air, sulfur, oil, water and other impurities, effectively reducing the degree of oxidation and rubber tire inner liner of corrosion phenomena, does not corrode the metal rim, extending tire service life, but also greatly reduce the status of the rim rust.

    4. Reduce fuel consumption and protect the environmental

    Scroll the increase of the Yin force in the lack of tire pressure and heat will cause an increase in fuel consumption when the car driving; nitrogen in addition to maintain a stable tire pressure, to delay the tire pressure to reduce its dry and not oil without water, the thermal conductivity characteristics of low, slow warming to reduce the increase in temperature in the tires when walking, as well as deformation of the grip to improve, reducing the rolling resistance, so as to achieve the goal of reducing fuel consumption. U.S. authorities have made a tire filled with nitrogen gas and charge air contrast experiment, the experimental statistical results showed that nitrogen run 26 percent more than the charge air tire mileage. Nitrogen tire inflation tire pressure as designed, can achieve the fuel consumption in automotive design. Experiments show that 2-10% of the nitrogen tire fuel-efficient than the charge air. Effective in reducing air pollution. Brazilian practice, nitrogen filling tire traveled 50,000 kilometers still need to qi. Nitrogen tires are more resistant than air tires wear, the damaged tires before the tread wear and tear indicators, nitrogen filling tire run an average of 48 percent more mileage than the charge air tire.

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