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    The style of the long skirt is very important in determining which top or jacket to wear with it. And ofcourse their are different types of tops and jackets that go with different styles of long skirts. I have made the list as simple as possible below to differentiate the different types tops that should go with your long skirt.

    Before I begin I need to add that..Cheap Christmas Costumes Belle With Black Belt. as part of your hijab dress code your waistline and the shape of your waist,Gown Long Dress for sale hips, etc should be covered by the top you chose to wear. Unless its a women only event… then you have more freedom in the type of top you add to your long skirt.

    A hip length Jacket, worn over the top of the body top will also great with this type of long skirt.Cheap Christmas Strappy Dress Costumes Just make sure that the colour of the jacket matches that of the skirt unless you have added similar colours to your hijab.

    This skirt is a classic and has been around for centuries! the style of the pencil skirt is so simple that you can get away with adding nearly every type of top with it. Pencil long skirts are usually made from chiffons and lightweight fabrics

    The peasant crochet top was designed to be worn with such skirts. The length of the top is just under the hips which covers the right parts of the body for the hijab look. But the prints in the top bring the out fit to life. So if your skirt is a single colour then you can add colours to the tops.Cheap Black Stong Policeman Costumes

    The crochet lined top is also another great alternative to be worn with pencil lined and A-line skirts. The top is cut in diagonal panels from the front and back. This design is a great way to add modesty to your skirt if it is tight around the waist and tummy area. The diagonal panels also ensure that you add style to a plain A-line or pencil long skirt.Gloves for sale

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